Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A little green fingered and it is not from using ink.

Good afternoon and how are you this Wednesday?
This is a flying visit by me as my boy has to be drumming in an hour and I've tea to make too. Yikes!
Today I have been planting in the garden and refreshing my pots, which I should have done ages ago but have just not got around to doing it.  It is all about the Fuschias this year.  The real reason being I have missed all the bedding plants.  Tut, tut.
I did think these are quite pretty.

I've also been planting something new, to me.  I normally have a lot of heather in my garden, I live in Scotland, it would be rude not too.  I found this plant and thought I'd give it a try.

It is called Cuphea hyssopifolia or False heather.  It is very like heather in appearance and a change is as good as a rest!  I think it looks quite nice next to the fuchsias, but then I don't claim to be a gardener and just buy what takes my fancy at the time.

I had a quiet morning as I wasn't feeling the best.  I still seem to get tired quickly even though I am pretty much back to normal, I blame all the extra dog walking over the last couple of days with hubby back at work.  
The exercise will do me good!  (Allegedly.) 
I decided to take it easy, finishing another crochet project and then starting another.

These are going to be a wee thank you to someone but shhh.....don't tell!

My Mum still isn't great and is just waiting to hear back from her local hospital to double check the tests she had whilst away.  The good point is she is at home and taking it easy but now starts the waiting game.

That is all from me today.  I do feel I need a rocket up my **** just now.  So many things to do and no real umph to do it.  Tell me I'm not alone?  Do you feel like that in the holidays?
I really must now say goodbye, tea to make and drumming to get to.  Enjoy your "hump" day and more from me tomorrow.  x


scrappymo! said...

Yes, I too have days like that. That is when I pull a card out of my draft posts. I write the main post on those days when time is plentiful and then just add a few current details on the busy day that I actually post it.
Sometimes I add a line or two...other times I just over type a couple of details to make them current.

Today we were up early (not our and I got the beds made up in the bunkhouse.DH's sister and husband arrive this morning and we will have a few busy and fun filled days with them.

DH was at the wee store at 8am when they opened as he was not chancing them running out of anything on our shopping list.

So you can see why I will use a couple of those draft posts this week!

PS The crochet work looks lovely and that fushia bloom is my favourite type! I have not seen that pretty white flower but I bet it looks lovely beside the fuschia.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, your Fuchia is gorgeous, one of my fav plants, and the other plant is lovely.
Interesting crochet project, wonder what it could be. Hugs Kate x

ForgedinPaper said...

Love the fuchsias. I have them every year I love their colours. Glad you're on the mend.

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
wonderful plants. They look really lovely.
I saw your oldie for Friday on Patricia's blog and decided to join in this week.
I do hope all the results of you Mums tests prove to be good.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.