Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The secret diary of a crafter!

Good morning all.
Whoops I missed a post yesterday, hence the title of today's post.
My hubby is now back into his working shift pattern so we only see him late evening.  The boys still would prefer to be on electronic gadgets rather than outside in the sunshine....driving me crazy. Then they were out playing football till about 9.30 p.m!

I thought today I would share a few photographs from Fridays 70's car treasure hunt then disco. We had a fabulous night and could have stayed there all evening if I hadn't had work on Saturday.
Here is our car ready for the hunt.....70's style.

The furry dice take me back!

70's style dress!

The second picture quality isn't the best, which is probably a good thing!
A great night was had by all, firstly gallivanting around the local area in the car then dancing the night away.
You can see more information about our gala here.  Can you can spot our dodgy 70's dancing in the photographs.

On Saturday at work I was doing more of my regular duties on a lighter scale.  I enjoyed my day but was bushed when I got home.  Back to normal next week on the early shift, gulp!
Sunday and Monday seemed to have disappeared without very much to show for them, a little housework, a little food shopping and time spent with the family down in the harbour and by the beach. 
Guess you could say we are staycationing and enjoying the fine weather.  The consistency of this beautiful weather is unheard of up here, but very welcome.

Today I have some gardening to do and pottering around the home.  I am hoping to get the boys to tidy their bedrooms, wish me luck.  One this is for certain I will need a bucket full of luck!

Enjoy the rest of today.  x


Hazel said...

Oh Erika I can see you were right into the 70s theme!! And that a great time was being had by you all. Pity about the work on Saturdsy . I am off for 2weeks, was meant to sart Friday afternoon, but a phone call from boss Lesley panicing as washing machine was broken with a load in it and they were going away in the morning. Only going to their cottage so could have delayed but no Hazel or should I say Hazel and Charlie to the rescue. So in fact my holidays started Saturday afternoon. So that's my excuse to get the Friday off when I go to Birmingham November . Anyway hope your mum is still doing ok,
Thanks for sharing your fab photos. Hazel xx

scrappymo! said...

Your village has the most fun celebrations! IT seems all of them are fab...and this one no exception.
Bet lots of fun was had by all!

Patricia said...

Oh! How I wished I had lived nearer, your Gala Week sounded so much fun. You certainly got into the "swing" of things for the Treasure Hunt and Disco.
We have been so lucky with the weather in these parts as well. As you say its kind of unknown on the East. Coast of Scotland to get so many good sunny days in succession ... loving every minute.

Patricia xx

Cass said...

Loving the 70's look!I know about the staycation.We're doing that this year too.At least you got to Florida xx