Thursday, April 17, 2014

What was next on our journey?!

It's wet and wild today, the white horses were fairly jumping down the beach and the sand blast fairly woke both the dog and I up.  It's a tad nippy too.....a perfect day to forget about the jobs, put on the fire and do a little crafting!

I am I boring you with the holiday snaps yet?
Guess this is the modern version of having your friends around for the evening to show them your holiday slides?!
Does anyone remember that?
I used to enjoy playing with my Dad's slide machine just before an evening event of viewing and nibbles....making sure a couple were the wrong way around or upside down, used to make me giggle....the simple things!
It certainly would add a little fun to the evening.

Not so many pictures today as I don't really want to plaster lots of the family over the net....I have picked a couple out for you as a wee taster.

The second park we visited was Disney's Hollywood Studio's.

Now, at all parks there are activities for all ages but I do think this is a good one for older kids.  Lots of rides/attraction like Star Wars, Jack Sparrow, The history of the Movies, Studio tours, The Twilight Zone and Rollickin 'roller coaster to name but a few.
This is also where you are shown all about how props are made, stunts are done, filming, costumes, editing and the history behind Walt himself.

The Rollickin 'roller coaster was my youngest first roller coaster ride and boy what a ride.  I think I even closed my eyes at some about waking you up with force first thing on a morning!
We did giggle about it once off the ride.  You just really don't expect the start......and I'll leave it at that as I know a couple of you reading this are planning a visit later in the year and I don't want to spoil it.

Next was the haunted house.....I LOVE this is done so well and waiting in the queue is equally as interesting as there is so much going on. Some of the gravestones will really make you laugh.  Very clever at winding you up before the ride, so much so my youngest refused to do this.

Once you've done the Tower of Terror no ghost ride in this country will ever come close.

This next picture was from a play area for children and related to the film Honey I shrunk the kids.  It was great fun for kids and adult alike. Everything was at mammoth scale, lots of large plants and rubbish, waterspouts, ant runs etc...  At one point I kept hearing sniffing and I said to hubby "can you hear sniffing or is it me?"
It turned out round the corner there was a 6" dog nose.  It did make me laugh.

Final photograph today is of we didn't have one of these apples, I thought they are far too good to eat.  The detailing on the "treats" was amazing and each Disney park had these sort of shops.  As I like to bake I can only dream of getting this final effect....bit like some of the fancy makes you see on Pinterest (they look too good to be real!)

Anyway that is all from me today I plan on an afternoon off today, I have a bespoke card to make and either some crocheting or sewing planned.  More from me tomorrow, enjoy your Thursday.  x


Liz Miller said...

You sound as though you've had a great time Erika and it's lovely to see your photos. I think you're all really brave to have attempted those rides and well done to your youngest for having overcome his fears to enjoy them too. It's certainly been a time for white horses recently. I chickened out of a boat trip to Orkney at the weekend because of the weather forecast. Having seen this video clip of the ferry leaving Orkney on Sunday morning I'm glad I wasn't on it.
A roller coaster all on it's own. Enjoy your crafting time today.
Liz xx

Patricia said...

Good evening Erika, more fun photos, love them. Thank you for sharing.
Now!!! Rides, one thing I will NOT be doing. I get sick on a Helter Skelter in this country. John, Audrey and the boys have spent so much time in Florida they have been there, done that and got the TShirts which suits us. I want to see the Disney Parade but other than that I will go with the flow.
I have been to the States lots and have to say I do love the food selections.
Happy Easter to you and your family

Patricia xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Great photos Erika, you certainly packed in loads, the rides sound awsome, but the candy apples are wonderful, thanks for sharing, hugs Kate x

Lau W said...

Fantastic, wow ! And...yummy héhé !

Cass said...

Loving the photos.Not sure I'd be going on any of the roller coasters! Those apples look yummy though xx

TCake said...

Loved reading all your adventures in Florida.. A family must for everyone at least once in their life!... Looks like you had a fabulous time x