Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm back! Can you tell where I've been?!

Hi everyone, did you miss me?!
No crafting has been done over the last couple of weeks, not even a little bit.  Oh my, how many withdrawal symptoms?
I've been busy, very busy having lots of family fun.
I didn't mention what I was up to before hand because you never know who is reading your blog being open to all, you can't be too careful. Now I'm back in sunny Scotland I can share with you.
Let's have some fun first as I've got lots of lovely washing and ironing to catch up on.....the worst part about coming home from holiday....yes I've been on holiday, but can you guess where?

Here's a photo for those of you not on Facebook....who will already know.....

Can you guess?

I'm away to fill up my washing line as the sun is out.
The dog is suitably walked and chilling in the sunny conservatory having also had a fun couple of weeks staying with good friends, I think she had a fab time too.  More of that later.  
She is really clever too, we came home to "welcome home" banners and a card, together with rock and soap made locally in the village! (That is where she has spent her holiday!)

My pal who had looked after the house had also popped essentials in my fridge and flowers in a vase for me.

I am grateful for good guys know who you are, and I totally intend on repaying your kindness very soon.  x
Whether you like it or not!

That's all from me today.....have you had a guess of where I've been?  
I'm sure you'll get it straight away.
More from me tomorrow.  


Cass said...

Hope you had a fab time Erika! Looking forward to more piccies xx

Lau W said...

Oh i think that where you were, you were a princess :-)) !
Happy to see you Erika !

Patricia said...

Wow! Oh! Wow! a very lucky family, brilliant holiday.
Wonderful memories to treasure forever.
Hazel and I did wonder why we did not see your name on the Paperterie Retreat programme .... now we know!!!
At least the sun was up to welcome you back.
Look forward to more stories and pictures

Patricia xx

Hazel said...

Well Erika I had a lazy week off last week but I wasn't any where but home, you on the other hand I think had some gorgeous sunshine and warm weather plus a long flight. You lucky family I bet the kids loved it. You will need that climbing gear again I can see. Haxel xx

cuilliesocks said...

Welcome back Erika I think I can guess, it's somewhere my prince will come", bet you all had a fantastic time.
What a wonderful doggie to have brought you a gift back from his holiday, have a great day even with the washing and ironing, hugs Kate X

Shazza said...

you lucky girly, would love to go there. Glad you had a good time, hope to see you soon x