Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's mouse land! Well it would be rude not to share?

Hi all, more holiday snaps today.

A little foggy here first thing today but enjoyed my morning walk, hopefully the fog will lift and it will be sunny later, as it has been all weekend.
The gorse is out in full bloom down the front just now, bright yellow flowers and the aroma of coconuts, a smell I associate with brighter sunnier days and holidays.  I think we might be through the worst of the weather now.  Maybe I shouldn't say that out loud?
This is my favourite time of year as plants and animals start to bloom as we head into the warmer months.

Today I am sharing with you Disney's Magic Kingdom.  I don't seem to have many photo's of it during the day but we did pay a second visit at night to see the evening light parade too.  My youngest wasn't so keen on this park.....I think it was just too busy for him.  Lots and lots of excited children about!
Let's start at the train station on entry to the park.

One of our favourite rides.....Splash Mountain.

This and Big Thunder Mountain where the boys favourite rides of the day....basically anything that threw you about or got you wet was a winner.  Although I did think these rides are now looking a little dated when you see newer rides elsewhere.  (Shame on me!)  Of course the funniest thing was that mum always seemed to get put in the seat that gets the wettest, which to the kids was even more fun!

By night I was surprised that the park was equally as busy but found it even more magical.  We found a great spot to watch the light parade with some other lovely people.
You would not believe how horrible some people turn when getting a spot to watch the parades.  Grown adults shouting for the characters attention refusing to let small children in front of them.  It was shocking.
It was the only time you saw the other side to folk as the rest of the time people seemed happy to queue and chat.
We ended up in a nice group....we had two families that stood in front and demanded the best view but the funniest thing was that the parade came over the bridge behind us so we got a better view from the side than them, LOL.  What goes around comes around!
Oh and we let all the other children in front so they all got a better view.   ;)
Now can you guess your films from the floats?

Have you got it?  How about this next one?  It is a little harder but both are classic Disney films.

The day was finished with the firework display at which point my youngest was more fascinated that at 10 p.m. at night, he was still in his shorts and tee-shirt, exclaiming "it's still warmer that it would be on a good day at home, during the day!"
I have to admit I preferred the night parade because it was a little cooler than the day one.

That's all from me today.  
I have the delights of more housework and ironing today but I am nearing completion of my next crochet project so I do hope to share that with you soon.  
I hope you have a good day.  x


Cass said...

fab photos. I'm guessing Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan (I love Disney)Shame on the adults not letting the kids see.That really bugs me too! xx

Patricia said...

More wonderful pictures, I am looking forward to the "Night Parade" It is the one thing I have asked to do. Other that I will go with the flow
Good luck with the chores.

Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, another batch of great photos, looks amazing but I didn't get the films though, hugs Kate x