Monday, April 21, 2014

Favourite shopping and eating places in Orlando.

Hi folks and I hope you all had a super Easter weekend?
Full of chocolate?
Whilst talking of food I thought today I'd share two of my favourite eating places in Orlando starting with Ihop.  Karen and Gayle this picture is for you!

Yummy pancakes with bacon and syrup.....mmmm!  Naughty but nice.

The next one is....

LOVE Red Lobster.....they had me on the raspberry iced tea and cheese biscuits....even before my order arrived!  
My eldest boy tried the snow crab and hubby had beautiful shrimp but my salmon was amazing.  In fact we ended up there a few nights.  Nomm.

To me, put aside all the parks and the rides the one thing the Americans get SO right is service in restaurants. Yes you are expected to tip and I suppose that is an added incentive but the staff take time out to make sure everything is perfect, great with kids, and refill drinks/bread/biscuits without being asked (at no extra cost). It's just a much more enjoyable experience and we could certainly learn from them on the service front here.

Now to my favourite shop....can you guess?!

A trip to Orlando would not be complete without a visit to Michaels.  I could spend as long in there as a theme park!  But my boys were having none of it.  Boo, hiss!  Still I managed a couple of crafty bits and bobs to add to my collection of fine crafting products.  :)

Finally this was the boys favourite shop and as it is Easter it would be wrong not to include some chocolate.
This has got to be the biggest M & M going, mind you my youngest was a little disappointed it wasn't real!

Just look at the selection too.  How can you possibly choose which one to go for.....well, for me it would have been teal but I was trying to be good.  

Needless to say a few made it back to the hotel room, just!

That's all from me today, no Easter Monday celebrations up here in Scotland.  Kids are in school so guess I better crack on with the usual jobs. Hopefully if I'm quick I might get some crafting in later.
Enjoy your Monday.  x


Shazza said...

would love to go toa ll those places, the salmon, lobster etc sounds fab. Our boys are not back til tomorrow so one last day for them. Not that we have done anything, fed up of redecorating, feels like I've had 4 days off work but worked harder than ever :-(

Hazel said...

Erika, like you I found the service in Canada wonderful, nothing to much trouble unlike here. I to enjoyed my salmon we had. I think how it is presented to makes it even better, schools back here so just going off soon to pick the girls up. Hope you got some crafting done. Hazel xx

Patricia said...

We need to take lessons on "service" in this country. I love when I go to the Sates or Canada even the country I lived in recently Turkey. They fairly know how to treat people.
Mmmmmm!!. The M&M place reminds me of the Jelly Belly place.
And of course you have to have a day at Michael's or Penny's or A.C. Moore or even Target......roll on October!!!
Thank you for the info regarding your sentiment printing.

Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

You food sounds wonderful Erika, and a craft shop too what more could you ask for!!, hugs Kate x

Cass said...

Pancakes with bacon and syrup......yummmmm.Sounds delicious.Glad you managed to get some crafty bits in Michaels. Louis would love the M& M's! xx