Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's a late start from me today as I have been shopping for some more treats for tonight's Halloween festivities.  Are you ready?

This is my son's pumpkin with a little help from dad.  It always fascinates me every year how many people really go to town creating their pumpkins.  It is a male bonding tradition in our house as I am usually putting together bags of goodies or baking.  The boys all sit on the floor in the kitchen and have fun. 
Then the house has a few decorations put up.
Goodie bags ready so just the baking to go.  Cackle, cackle!

My desk this week for a change is my kitchen work top as this afternoon I will be baking, can you guess what?

So what's on your desk this Wednesday...have you gone spooky too?
Why not pop on over to the lovely Julia's blog and catch up with other like minded crafter's.
It only remains for me in true Halloween style to finish on a couple of jokes.....
Q.  When does Dracula relax at work?
A.  During his coffin break!
Q.  What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
A.  A hobblin goblin!
Q.  How do you hep chickens that are possessed by evil spirits?
A.  Get an "eggorcist!"
Happy Halloween and thanks for popping by....I will be along later after I've scared plenty of children....cackle, cackle!


marion said...

Lovely pumpkin and love to see what you bake and create. Had a laugh about the Halloween jokes. Happy Halloween Erika, hugs, Marion

scrappymo! said...

Have a great Halloween!!!
Those sugar cookies are going to be great, I bet...

The "men" created a beautiful pumpkin!

I only helped once and managed to carve all the teeth off...and got banned from pumpkin carving forever!!! It was always a ritual that the girls and DH did is common here to carve I was always kept busy chopping up the insides for pumpkin cookies and washing the seeds, seasoning them and drying them for snacks.

Have lots of spooky fun with your boys!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Groan!! I'll remember those jokes to tell the kids at school next week!
Fab pumpkin carving - it looks really of the best I've seen today. Hope you have a spooky-licious evening :)
Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

Lau W said...

Oh you make cupcakes ?
Have a happy halloween my friend ! The pumpkin of you son is superb !
Boo !

Krisha said...

Trick or Treat!!! (moaning) those are some old jokes, but still make us chuckle.
Krisha #56

cuilliesocks said...

Great pumpkin, we've just had a witch, a pirate skull, and a pumpkin in to do their stuff, all fighting each other to tell their jokes, great fun, Kate x

Kat said...

Hope you've had a lovely Halloween with the family Erika. We're out in the country so we don't get Guisers. I'm old fashioned I don't believe in trick or treat I prefer the traditional Scottish term of Guising. Some of us were talking at work today and saying when we were little you had to recite a poem or sing or tell a joke to get a handful of nuts or sweeties. If you were really lucky in my village you got to the house where there were toffee apples before they were all gone lol! We were also saying how hard it was to carve a turnip lantern. Definitely a job for Dads!!

Kat xx

okienurse said...

funny puns! How did the cookies and cupcakes turn out? Went to the store tonight and found some things to use to make a GF cheese cake and I am going to give that a try tomorrow. Love the pumpkin! Kids love carving those things don't they! We had about 200 come round to night so DD and I went to Walmart after midnight and picked up cheap Halloween toys like mice, bats, snakes and pencils etc cause it seemed the kids wanted those more tonight then the candy! Strange kids!! Thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog! Have a great week! Vickie #37

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the spooky giggles and hope your Halloween was a happy one!

MA (2)

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

What a great pumpkin. I hope your goodie bags went down well with their recipients. Thank you for your visit this week. I am going round in circles, having lost two things I found only last week, my gold leaf and my little packets of foil. I think the Borrowers are doing their Christmas cards at the moment and they have stolen my glittery bits. Have a good week. xx Maggie #42

trisha too said...

Okay okay okay, how about this one?

What does a witch use to keep her hair-do looking just done?

Scare Spray!

Sorry, but you started it, Erika!


Thank you for stopping by this woyww!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The boys in your life did a great job on their pumpkin! I think men never outgrow the need the stab and carve pumpkins. My hubby insists on it every year even though we don't have kids (except him). This year we had to be extra cautious because of the kittens. Dio decided he really liked the taste of the pumpkin guts so then we had make sure to get them put away where he couldn't eat himself silly. Hope you had fun baking!

famfa said...

Oooh those jokes!!!!!!! Great pumpkin. Hope you enjoyed your baking
Famfa (10)

Shoshi said...

I'm really so not into Halloween... So I can't really comment on your WOYWW post this time, I'm afraid!! Anyway, many thanks for your lovely comment on mine - and I'm so glad you like my little journal. It was such a great find by my hubby and I'm having fun putting things in it.

I'm really behind with my visits this week because our broadband connection keeps dropping out - I'm going to phone the ISP tomorrow and they'll probably tell me it's the weather again... The penalties of living out in the wilds!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #15

Morti said...

Well, I'm rather late getting round to a few of my visitors, so, Happy Bonfire Night instead of Happy Halloween.... LOL

Love the SU ornament that Kate made for you - just lovely. I think I need that stamp set!

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Hope you all had a great Halloween, love the pumpkin carving, sounds like fun. Hope you got a piccy of the cakes to show us later!

Brenda 1 (Very late this week!!)