Monday, October 29, 2012

Did someone mention Halloween?

So what have I been up to?  Well Saturday I was in work and then I popped to see a friend who has puppies and had kindly had my youngest for the day.  When I arrived he had a puppy in his arms and was told he had done on and off all day!  Guess what a little man wants for Christmas?
The puppy is very cute, I nearly melted there and then and even had a cuddle too, at only a couple of weeks old he is just bigger than my hand.
Sunday was spent at rugby training, which I usually get out of but hubby was working, how very dare he!  It was cold and wet, just how the boys love it as they get caked in mud.  I on the other hand was Mrs Sociable sat in my new wee car reading my kindle. 
The afternoon was spent on my next Sugar bowl challenge and catching up on some jobs.
Typical Sunday.

And to today...I'm off shortly into town to get the statutory pumpkin for this time of year....I hope there are some left?  I'm always  Then to pick up sweeties and baking equipment to make some yummies for Wednesday night.
I will hopefully be back later showing you what I have been making.
Enjoy your Monday, kids back at school now....time to crack on.  x

I shall leave you with these from Martha Stewart.  She has loads of great ideas for Halloween on her website.

All the better to bite you with!
Love them.


Wiccababe said...

no rest for the wicked eh quine? I have to say, I'm with you when it comes to sitting in the car in this weather lol
have a great day

Lau W said...

Oh that was a super week-end !! Love to read you !

Kat said...

I would find it very difficult to resist a puppy. That's how we ended up with two nutcase Labradors!

Good thing you had your car to sit in out of the cold and wet.

Aren't those teeth scary?!!!

Kat xx

Unknown said...

Yes I agree puppies are addictive that's how I also ended up with two Lhasa Apso, but they are lovely, what a busy lady you are.

Wilma x x