Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's Saturday time for a little creative funnies.

Good morning, I hope this finds you well this Saturday?  
I am beavering at work today so I picked a few funnies to share with you yesterday, I hope they make you smile this weekend.  
As always I am sticking with a creative feel.

This first one is in response to another quote I posted last week about the fact that now and again mighty fine crafting products disappear from my craft room.  These are usually pilfered by a very large Pixie and used for unrelated jobs.  Some of you also commented that you also have that phenomenon happening to your mighty fine crafty stash.  With that in mind this first picture made me laugh.   

I think someone had the knife for a little too long!

Now to us crafty girls you can keep your diamonds, unless it's glaze or gems to stick on cards.
Handbags and shoes, a no thank you.

I'd much rather be let loose in a mighty fine craft shop to do my damage!  As for Pinterest, have you noticed that when you "pop" onto it hours and days disappear as if by magic?  Strange but true.
No longer to make crafts but just to admire others who have been productive!

Finally are you guilty of this?

Oh yes.  I usually just look at the state of my room and walk out, thinking I'll tackle that another day when I am in the mood.  It's just nice to peep in and remind yourself that it's a lovely place to hide, I mean craft!
Maybe it is just me though, as I also talk to the dog, (she listens) oh and the food at work, but only if I'm on my own.  Remember the film Shirley Valentine, I get more like her everyday, just need to book the holiday to Greece.  Nice.

That's all from me I better go before you think I am totally off my rocker.  Have a super weekend whatever your plans maybe, don't forget to wrap up warm though, more snow forecast up here today. 


Marianne's Craftroom said...

That top one did make me laugh and yes I would rather shop for craft than diamonds

karenlotty said...

Oooh Erika, more super funnies I must investigate an Xacto knife because I've heard other crafters mention these AND the last funny is me all over. I go into my craft room everyday even when I'm not going to do any crafting and smile that "It's mine, all mine! Sorry I've not sat with you and crafted" How sad is that! Just about to send/post my oldie have a good week end

Barb said...

You're right Erika, actually the only shopping I enjoy is for craft stuff. Hope you had a good day. I've enjoyed mine so far. Barbxx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Love the first one, that really tickled me and my idea of heaven is a craft shop. I also spend far too long admiring other talented crafters on Pinterest and I'm then annoyed with myself for not getting anything done of my own, will I ever learn?
Enjoy your weekend too.

Cara said...

The first one is hilarious and the others made me giggle too! Cara x