Monday, April 18, 2016

BOOM! Doesn't time fly by?

Good afternoon and how are you this Monday, we have clear blue skies at the moment but boy it is windy out there and a tad chilly.  I am not looking forwards to my afternoon walk, brrrr.

How was your weekend?
My plans all went to pot with my wee man not well again yesterday.  A quiet day was had catching up on a few jobs and no crafting, as planned.  Boo.  He is off school today but has been a lot better.
I am planning on him going back tomorrow as he has to visit the High school ready for next year.
My eldest boy has a job interview today and a driving lesson later.  The interview is with Chivas and all part of a school scheme that sees them mentored by a business before leaving school for the big bad world.  Today he has a mock interview with three of the company's staff, gulp.  I hope he does well.  He worked on his CV and letter over the weekend with a little advice from his Dad so hopefully his hard work will pay off.  At the end of the day it is good practise for him even though he still isn't entirely sure of what he wants to do as a career.

Back to today and my card making.  This was a bespoke request from a friend, a Wedding Anniversary card for her BFF.  She wanted photo's of her and a pal from the wedding 10 years ago.
Hubby is in the heart.  Apparently her friend is a big fan of saying the word "Boom" when achieving something.  It is not something I have heard of but then I do lead a quiet life in my craft room.

I was asked for a simple card with said title, photographs and date.
For the rest was to retain a LIS approach.
The heart die cut is by Papertrey ink, the printing was done on my computer and then the photographs were framed using my paper cutter.  A wee bit of bling was added to finish.

That's all from me today, it's time for another walk down the beach and a little sand blasting.  I don't seem to be in a crafty mood at all today so I may take the opportunity to get ahead of the games with the housework instead.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday.


Barb said...

Sorry to hear your youngest is unwell again. Hope he's soon feeling better.

I imagine you'll be pleased to get your eldest home and see how he got on. I bet you were as nervous as he was. Sure he'll be fine and it sounds a very good idea. As you said, it's all good practice for the future.

I love your card Erika and very impressed with your frame cutting. I have heard "Boom" said on the tv quite a bit recently. It seems to be something youngsters say a lot now. I'm glad to say they seem to have stopped saying sick now for something which is very good!!! Barbxx

Cara said...

I don't know about Boom, but you were bang on the brief with that card! Hope your son is feeling better soon and it seems like being a nearly school leaver is a scary place to be these days. Hopefully you will conquer any mountains that come your way and can get some crafting time later this week. Cara x

Carol said...

Hi Erika, finally getting around to visiting everyone! Hope little one is feeling better now and eldest's interview went well. Great card, perfect for the remit....BOOM reminds me of Basil Brush lol. Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, I'm with Carol with Basil Brush, it's the only time I've heard Boom, but of course it was Boom Boom that he said.
Anyway, fabulous card, and It looks just the perfect remit.
I hope you youngster is much better today and that you eldest son's interview went well, scary things interviews at any age, and having been on interview panels in the past, sometimes it's just as simple as pure luck, a bit of a lottery, but I hope he did well as it can really boost confidence, have a good day, Kate x