Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Breaking news.....a wee crafting interlude.

Good evening all, how are you this Tuesday?

Another busy day in work today, still no sign of replacing a member of staff who left recently.
There are jobs out there!
It's crazy I thought there are people out there who want to work.  Bizzare.
Hopefully we will get someone soon giving us chance to get them trained up before the Christmas rush.

The reason for today's title is the glorious weather we have had today.  I was most certainly not doing housework or crafting after work with the sun shining as it was.  Instead a took a fine book and cuppa out into the garden and enjoyed a little peace before the boys came home.
I haven't been sleeping the best of late so a wee afternoon catnap was in order!  LOL.  This girl has no staying power without her full sleep quoter.
As it was such a lovely evening I have decided to share another couple of local photographs.

In the background you can see Daisy rock again, I have mentioned that in previous posts.  In front of them are the Hopeman hutties.  Now these are like rocking horse ****!
It is very difficult to get one.
There is a waiting list and I know folk who have been on it for years and years, and years.
What I find bizarre is for all they're difficult to acquire you will only ever see a couple in use when out walking.
Surely if they were so hard to get hold of people would be using them?
Strange but true.

Basically if you have one, use it, because you are so very lucky to be one of the few.
I do think they're great though and a real feature of the East beach.
Can you imagine having one as a little crafty retreat, I'm sure you'd be really inspired by the view and the surroundings?  How fab would that be?
I've more chance of moving into hubby's shed.  I think I'll keep my cosy room instead.

I hope you have all had the beautiful weather we have today.  The sun is just going down now and the sky is amazing.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.  I'm now going back to my crocheting.


Patricia said...

Good evening Erika, we have also had a most amazing day.
I have just watched the wonderful sunset which made the sky blood red.
How lucky are we??
Hope you manage to get a good nights sleep tonight.
Patricia xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, we have a a glorious day too, really warm.
Lovely scenery and I do like the beach huts, Yeah, I wonder why they are not used more too, especially when the weather is so good, Kate x

Barb said...

I loved reading your post Erika. How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful part of the country and I thought I had a lovely view. I had lunch out with hubby and three friends then spent a couple of hours crafting up the garden in my cabin. Thanks for your earlier visit. Barbxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
so glad you are having some me time, as you always sound soooooooooo! busy.
Wonderful photos of the sea around your area.
As you say about the huts it is a pity that those who are lucky enough to have one don't use them often enough.
Looking at those photos I just wish I could draw or paint, as the views look amazing, and beautiful.
My eldest sister was given the gift of being able to draw, and would you believe she doesn't even use that wonderful gift now.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
forgot to say I do hope you manage to get a better sleep soon.
I can understand sleepless nights as I suffer quite badly with RLS so I only get an occasional really good nights sleep, and am constantly tired throughout the day too.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.