Saturday, July 18, 2015

It's the weekend and time again to tickle that creative funny bone.

Good morning to you and I hope this finds you all well this weekend?
I have another day off today, I shall be taking bad to going back to my regular shifts.
Today is a holiday, we were supposed to be going away but my hubby had his holidays changed at work.  Gotta love the armed forces!
You can have your holidays when you want them, oh no wait a minute, that isn't convenient, you can take them another time that suits us instead.  It was a good job we'd only planned to visit family and not booked anything.  I guess you just get used to it after over twenty years, we just don't plan anything and at least he is in this country.

Today is the official start of our village Gala, the crowning of the princess and the fete is today followed by a kids disco and then an under 18's disco till late.  I don't know whether my two will go to the relevant disco's it usually depends on if any of their mates are going.

I have to admit rooting through funny quotes on the Internet is starting to get a little harder, here is what I decided tickled my funny bone this week.

The first a simple one but I truly agree with it, why mop when you can crop?
Seems like common sense to me, at this time of year when the kids are off the mopped floors don't stay clean for long anyway.

This one made me smile.  Do you have a hot glue gun?
If you have you know why I am smiling.  I don't use mine very often but I have to admit the above statement is on the nail.  I think exactly the same every time I use mine.  Hot, hot, hot!
It is great for sticking but you need to be on the ball not to burn anything.

Next this one is just for a little fun, what kind of crafter are you?

I'm a Energetic Rebel!
That probably couldn't be further from the truth at the moment, but I'll take it and run.

Finally I couldn't leave you without another Minion quote.  A few years ago I joined Slimming world and did very well, of late however, old habits have slipped back.  I've been doing lots of baking and of course plenty of taste testing for work!
With the increasing girth this quote did make me giggle but I guess it is time to do something about it again!

Be warned men, we know and don't need reminding thank you!  LOL.
Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned, my boys are all away tomorrow to play air soft so I have a day to myself with the dog.  Yes!
My sensible side would say to get all the housework done out of the way, I can lay money on the fact that I will have a nice chilling day instead or the craft room will be invaded.  More from me soon.  x


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Oh I do love your Saturday postings Erika, always good for a giggle. Hope you get to play tomorrow and enjoy your weekend
'Lively Temptress' aka Lorraine

karenlotty said...

Love your Saturday quotes I'm a Kind hearted Worker which I hope does fit me You'll have to ask the family about that one! The Minion one made me smile A fellow Salsero has a Dave and "he" comes with us to various venues
We're at a charity BBQ tomorrow Daughter is teaching a fun Rueda class and Cha Cha Cha class Just hope the weather holds up - rain is forecast