Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Time for a little history!

Good afternoon, how are you today, I hope you are fit and well and enjoying the sunshine.
I say sunshine but we've just had a lovely downpour, Scottish summertime I guess.
This morning our walk along the beach was good, it was warm and breezy, not too hot, not too cold. 
The sun was out but the sea state was, shall I say, a little choppy.  The white horses were out in full force as the waves crashed to the shore line.  I did see one of the local fishermen out in his wee boat but it was bobbing about a bit too much for my liking.  I have very poor sea legs or should I say I prefer dry land?
Our walk this morning set me thinking of a book I used to read to the boys when they were wee, "We're going on a bear hunt."
If you have children or grandchildren I'm sure you will have read this book, it was certainly a favourite in this house.  Why was I thinking of this book?
At one point in the book they walk through long wavy grass, swishy swashy, swishy swashy, swishy swashy.  That was me today!
All the rain has made our wee morning walk quite an adventure, at some points the wild grass, flowers and nettles are at waist height.  So once off the beach and past the sand dunes I swishy swashied all the way home!

Up to now in the holidays I don't seem to have had a lot of free time to craft, usually by the evening I lazily collapse in front of the TV.  It got me thinking, rather than sharing something creative I would share a little local history and sites.  I have recently shown you some other photos of the area so here goes with some more.

Holly the dog is modelling the view out to Daisy rock in the middle top of the photograph.  
Daisy rock formation marks the end of the East bay, it is names such as it used to be covered in milk and rock daisies.
It a natural monument to the summer solstice, like Stonehenge the gap in the rock records the most northerly position of the sun on midsummer's day.  

You can see the gap much better from the other side of the bay leading around to Covesea.

We also have a well, although I wouldn't want to use it nowadays.

Can you spot my model trying to hide again?  Or off exploring. 
The grass has grown somewhat since I took this photograph.
The Braemou Well was described as a Holy well in the 17th century apparently processions of people from the surrounding area would visit it to bathe their limbs and drink.  It is said to having healing properties provided that in return for a dip/drink you leave a token or gift as thanks for the spirit of the well.  It has it's original drinking cup but now runs into a stone trough.
I have to say it doesn't special now but in history it was the main drinking source for the village and regular trips would be made with drinking vessels before the introduction of running water in houses. It's a tad green nowadays.

So there you go a little village history for you.  Over the next couple of weeks I shall add a few more photographs and information for you, I know it isn't crafting but I think it is interesting so I'm sure someone else will do to.

I did take the boys to see Inside out yesterday.  I enjoyed the film even though it left me feeling a little melancholy.  I think it is more for young girls and adults than teenage boys.  
My youngest found it funny but I think my oldest was a little bored, still he came with us which was a bonus for me.
Why was I feeling melancholy?
The story is about a little girl who is 11, she is uprooted from all she knows, friends, clubs and school and moved due to her father's work.  The same thing happened to me at a similar age and I don't think I ever got the same sort of friendship back.  
It also made me look at my 11 year old and think gosh his is growing up like that too.  The film looks back on activities and fun things that she did whilst little and it does change as kids get older.  
They no longer want to play with you, read story books get where I am going don't you?  Hence I felt it quite sad.  Don't get me wrong I did get into trouble for laughing too, particular when the voices in the Mum's head were trying to attract the voices in the Dad's head, it was executed very well.  I can't wait for the next in the series as she hits the magic teenage years, if you have kids you will enjoy the film.

Back to today, hubby and my eldest are working so just me and the wee man about.  I think I am going to try and have some interaction!  Wish me luck.  
We have been experimenting with a tiffin recipe during the holidays.  I found an original recipe in one of my Gran's old cook books but it was a bit greasy for me.  Since then we have been tweaking it, adding different fillings, changing quantities.
I think we are nearly there to how we like it.  Last weeks choice from my youngest was to add sultanas, mini marshmallows and maltesers, which needless to say went down very well and didn't last too long.  It certainly isn't good for the waistline but then I do like a nice fancy piece (as they say locally). 
That's all from me today, time for some family interaction.  I'll be back tomorrow, enjoy your hump day whatever you have planned.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, enjoyed your wee tour around your countryside, and the little bit of history.
Unfortunately our children grow up too quickly, I often go down memory lane in my head to when Damian was a wee boy, he's 44 now so I've a long way to go back, but it seems like yesterday. Have a good evening, hugs Kate x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Another lovely post today Erika, loved hearing about your village history and looking at the photos. My two girls are now 26 and 22 years old and I don't know where that time went, seems like another lifetime when they were little and wanted stories read to them.
Enjoy your day and hope the weather improves.

Carol said...

Lovely photos of your local area Erika, I've not been around that part of the coast yet. I'd like to have my children again now I'm retired! There were never enough hours in the day once I went back to work! Hope you got some interaction time in. Carol x