Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm going to wash those pots!

Good evening all, bend of knees!
Missed you yesterday, but had a busy one and didn't sit down till late evening.
A slightly longer shift in work followed by a trip to the Chiropractor, all things now tickety boo after a few clicks and clanks.  A little sore but that has eased as the day has gone on, I just need to keep active now and not sit still, she says sat at the computer desk!
When I got home from work we'd had a power cut.  I had left my eldest boy looking after his brother but with no power I don't think they'd enjoyed each others company as much as normal!
Brotherly love!
It hadn't helped that the power cut seemed to have tripped the smoke alarms that were pipping. Unfortunately the dog hates the fire alarms so was sat shaking in the garden, bless, I had to quickly step into action and sort the alarms out.  That is easier said than done but after a very good impression of a Tasmanian devil I disarmed them so I could go and settle the dog down.
By this time it was around tea time and I hadn't even managed lunch!
Mind you after tea it was a lovely evening so we had a family walk for an ice-cream and took the dog to the park, just to finish her and me off.

I've not had much crafting time over the last couple of days but I did notice at the weekend that my present dishcloth was looking a little shabby so I decided to make another one.  I can't just go out and buy one!  LOL.  Well, it would seem a shame when I have the materials in the house.
Now I like making all the fancy squares for dishcloths but I'm afraid when it comes to the best cloth for washing up, it's a soft cotton for me and a double crochet stitch.  My hubby didn't realise and bleached my last coloured one, mmmm, hence this time I've made him a white one to wash up with.

Today has been a similar day to yesterday, a longer shift at work but hubby was home by lunchtime so I didn't need to rush back.  My eldest is now doing a shift at the ice-cream shop this evening so he is busy and my youngest has gone to the park to play after having a good walk around the village with me.  Our annual village gala starts this weekend and runs all week with lots of activities, shows and entertainment going on.  It is always a fun week.
In the run up to and including the gala we have a garden search.  This is where certain gardens/shops in the village have an item in the garden/window that wouldn't normally be there.  So it could be anything from a toy to a drawing pin, some are really easy to find and some are really difficult with the only clue the house street and number.  You can pick up the sheets with the house details on from  the local shops at the cost of 50p, once completed they are returned to the shops for marking and the winners get a small prize.
It is lovely to watch the families walking around the village looking for clues, we've had a good couple of hours out tonight and are only about half way through, with only one garden to go back to because we couldn't see anything, it is REALLY hard!

I hope you are having a super week so far, I'm away to have some tea and relax this evening.  More from me tomorrow.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Hope you have a relaxing evening, it's sound like you need it after the last few days.
What lovely neat crochet stitches on your dishcloth, should last you for ages yet. Your garden treasure trail sounds like fun for everyone, nor just the youngsters, it's a great thing for getting everyone involved in the Gala.
Take care,

cuilliesocks said...

OMG Erika you certainly sound like you need to sit and relaxed, pleased thought to hear that your back pain has eased. your Gala day sounds fun, I hope you get good weather for it. Fab little crotchet number, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Erika, I do wonder if you are super woman in disguise? You say you have to keep moving, but when to you sit still? Oh I wish your village wasn't so far away, your gala week is always full of fun. You even have an ice cream shop, we mist villages these days are lucky to have a village shop. Your right no point of going out and buying a dishcloth when you can make great ones yourself. Hazel x