Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hump day and a little love revival.

Good afternoon all, another later one for me today.
I got caught in the wind, rain and snow this morning and my legs are still feeling a tad chilly.
Boy it's cold out there and the forecast was definitely correct, brrrr.
It has just started to snow again and it's coming down fast.

My wee one was fine yesterday but time again for school this morning and he's sick again.
The school have now been contacted!
Apparently there are a few bugs doing the round but again he hasn't been sick since first thing.
Mum is getting very suspicious now.
He has even sat and done his homework this morning with little resistance, which is very unusual too.
The joys of growing up!
I am trying to crack on with things but the word "Mom" seems to be a constant distraction.

In answer to a question yesterday, Anne, the bauble was made using a number of dies that all marry together at the end with 3d foam or you can used them individually too.  Lots of crafty fun!

Anyway I recently found something I made and put away, for some reason.  I had forgotten all about it.  It has been dusted down and replaced in it's old home.

There is actually a heart wire under all that ribbon.  I think looking back now that the ribbon should be shorter so you can see the wire shape.  I just can't bring myself to cut and waste all that lovely ribbon!  But I do think it would look better.  Maybe the urge will just get the better of me, and when I'm sat chilling one evening I will get my scissors out and give it a hair cut!

I was hoping to food shop today before the bad weather truly hits, but no such luck.  I shall be probably going out in the snow this evening instead.
How long can I manage using up bits and bobs in the cupboards and freezer?

Enough from me I'm away to try and get some more cutting out sorted. I might even have a nice hot mug of tea too.
Catch you all again tomorrow.  x


Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
oh this is so lovely.
great design, and very beautiful ribbons used too.
Looks like it took you ages when you made it.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Lau W said...

Oh this is niiiice ! Love the color combo, one of my favorite !
Here we have rain and wind pffff ! I would like to have snow but the seasons don't want to be "normal" pfff !
Oh sorry to hear your son is not well again..He has school phobia ? it's not easy to find the cause of his illness..hope he will better soon !

Patricia said...

Oh! Erika, something not right with the wee lad. School needs to be investiagted, I feel.
Love your Heart, I think your ribbon lengths are fine, looks really beautiful.
We have been getting lots of heavy "feeder" snow flurries all day. Keep thinking each one is "it".......!!!
Hope you get the shopping in before the snow is too deep.

Patricia xx

Hazel said...

Erika, like Patricia I think still think school is the problem??? It can be something or nothing but to the wee man is scary!!! And he is unhappy with the thought of going in to face it. Hope you get it sorted out soon.
I love your heart hanging, the colours are gorgeous.

Hazel x

cuilliesocks said...

Good Evening Erika, sorry about the wee lad, but I think you are right to be suspicious. I'm with Patricia and Hazel on this. could be something to do with a teacher or bullying. I hope you get to the root of it.
Love your ribboned heart, beautiful colours, hugs Kate x

Carol said...

Love your ribbon wreath Erika, the colour combo is gorgeous. Hope you can sort out the little man soon...nothing worse than not knowing what's going on in their little heads! No snow here yet apart from a couple of flurries! Carol x

Juls said...

I think its gorgeous!!! Hugs Juls