Monday, January 05, 2015

Getting back into the routineP

And breath!  Phew!
My hubby has gone back to work and the kids are back at school.  Is it wrong to be glad to be getting back into the everyday routine?
I did think that today I may have a wee treat and put my feet up or maybe enjoy a little crafting, it's been so long since my last fix!
I am working tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week, I guess I should get stuck into the housework and ironing instead.  Boo, hiss!
I need to as I have a few bespoke card orders to make and Wedding stationary to design.
Time to get the boring stuff out of the way before I can play, I mean craft.

First job on the horizon was getting my trusty washing machine up and running.  I decided to be brave this morning and venture into my teenage son's bedroom to empty his washing basket.  What would I find?
I usually have finished all the washing and ironing before he emerges with a full basket and comments of nothing to wear.
It seems teenagers have a problem reaching the wash basket as most clothing was on the floor, does it need washing or does it not?
I can't do the sniff test as my nose still isn't right, in it all goes after removing various items from trouser pockets, on the upside I am a quid up and have acquired a nice shiny new biro!

I have a sick car today too, apparently at some point recently I have lost the front of my exhaust.
Now, I normally pride myself in knowing that there is something not right with my car but on this occasion I just remember one thought on Saturday...." car is a bit noisy today!"
Guess I was tired or could it be I was too busy singing along to new CD's?!
Now that is a scary thought.
As we speak my car is enjoying attention from "you can't get better than a Kwikfit fitter!"
Hopefully it will be as good as new when I pick it up later today.
I think you'll agree it is just what you need after Christmas.

Today I have nothing crafty to show you, have you been like me over the festive season, too much pinning on Pinterest and not enough crafting?
After all the extra hours at work my get up and go seems to have left the building.  I shall be on the hunt later for my mojo, after completing the ironing, crampons at the ready!

Finally before I leave you today, do you have any New Year traditions or resolutions?
I'd like to go through the house and get rid of anything not in use.  I think I also had this as a resolution last year and didn't get very far so am even more determined this year.
I would also like to find more time for card making and crafting, and maybe get rid of that extra weight that seems to have mysteriously arrived around my middle.
(Nothing to do with the fine eating, chocolates and alcohol over Christmas.  :O)
As for traditions my eldest boy and his pal started one a few years ago and it seems to have stuck.
In the next village to ours it is a tradition to jump in the sea on New Years day and swim from one side of the harbour to the other.  It is huge, loads of people turn out for the occasion and all jumpers dress up and raise money for their chosen charity.
Neither of my boys are big on lots of fuss but love jumping in the sea so they jump in our own village usually the day after New year.  This year the tides weren't right so whilst I was at work Saturday they decided to have a dip.
At this point I must add I think they're mad, it is cold enough outside in the North of Scotland without jumping in the sea.  Apparently brain freeze isn't the only effect they feel!
Nuff said.  ;)
On this occasion I was glad to be at work whilst they were under the watchful eye of Dad.

It looks turquoise blue, warm and inviting, doesn't it?  Not!
On the upside I don't think they stayed in for very long but that's them all sorted for the New Year.
Here's hoping the cold shock works it's magic as number 1 son is about to sit all his prelims before big exams in the summer, gulp.  I certainly wouldn't like to be doing all that again.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for this dark dreary day, I'm away to fire up my iron and do what needs to be done.  Enjoy the rest of your day and stay warm.  x


Hazel said...

Oh boy are your boys MAD!!! It's freezing and they take I dip in the north sea. Ahhhhhh.

I don't fancy your ironing pile with all what you will have lifted off that son's floor? I am so glad I don't have the ironing at work any more as I would hate to see the pile there after two weeks.

Try and get some me/crafting time in. Hazel x

Patricia said...

OMG!!! Erika I had to get on a thicker cardigan after seening that picture......!!!
Thomas and Robert seem to,"walk out of their clothes" at their house. However NOT in this house!!! funny thing is they just DO IT. Clothes for washing in the basket everything else folded neatly or hung up.
Hope you have found some time for crafting

Patricia xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Brrrrr, oh Erika, how can they bare it. I'm freezing just looking at the photo.
I've just attacked a pile of ironing, not bad if there is something to watch on the telly.
I'm back to work tomorrow too, boo hoo!, hugs Kate x

ForgedinPaper said...

I hope you got your crafting time. I laughed at the room description as it's exactly the same here and that includes the adult male of the house. He does have richer pickings in his washing I have to say. Have a good year.

Lau W said...

Lol !
Oh cold water, brrrr,not for me ! Your boys are brave lol ! and my flu symptoms, I would not risk myself brrrr lol !

Hope you will find time for crafting !!
Have a nice day !