Saturday, May 10, 2014

Well, this is my excuse to a busy crafting space!

Morning all, whilst beavering at work I thought I'd show you a couple of funnies.
It is the weekend after all.
Of course they've got a crafty feel to them......I'll leave it up to you as to whether you think they're true or not.

This so is me.

And what about this one?

Guess that if you put them both together it explains why my craft room is such a state.  Do you have a tidy craft space or are you like me?
This could be the reason why it never looks tidy.....I get distracted!
Do you agree?

That's all from me today, have a super weekend and I'll catch up with you again on Monday.  x


Patricia said...

Good morning Erika,
The first one ........ !! I just NEED a craft room. It really would help, I craft in the kitchen and have to clear away all the time.
The second one I have this "quote" up in my hubby's office where the computer is. I have it there to remind him that's why my corner is often a wee bit messy!!!!
Have a great weekend

Patricia xx

Hazel said...

Oh Erika your signs are just me to a "T". I am sitting here is the middle of a crafty mess, but I am having fun so who cares? Just love the both of them. Hazel xx

Juls said...

he he!!!! these are both brilliant & sooooo me ..... think I may have to use some of those sayings in future art work!!! Hugs Juls

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, I'm like Patricia I carft on 31/4 of the dining table,which is in the living room, so I have to clear up as I go, I'd kill for a craft room.
Enjoy your weekend, hugs Kate x