Thursday, May 01, 2014

It's an animals life don't you know.......

Afternoon, no not more snaps today....oh....and this one is going to be a long one.
My eldest sons favourite Disney park, why, well, he loves animals and intends to work with them when he is older so this park was just right up his street.

I loved this tree.....the art work was amazing.

All the animals were carved into the tree, it was fabulous and the attention to detail was just brilliant.

We visited more dinosaurs all shapes and sizes before heading up to Everest to hunt down the Yeti on the railway...a great ride!

We stayed close by for lunch....which was very yummy.  Lots of oriental styles of food...mmmmm.

We then had an ice-cream and watched the afternoon parade....gosh it was a hot one.  A poor elderly chap near us fainted and hubby together with a handful of other folk grabbed him before he fell.  The heat of the mid-day sun taking it's first victim....he was soon seen by a medic.  Very efficient in the parks.
I hadn't been to the AK before so didn't know what the parade would be like, of course it was animal themed and very colourful and I wasn't disappointed.  Mind you there were still adults pushing in front of children shouting out to the characters.  Really!  I know.

We then spent the afternoon on safari......lots of animals to see and very close up too.
Lions and tigers.....but no bears, apart from Winnie the Pooh in a safari outfit, of course!

We even saw Alexander.....simples!  Squeak!

Before an evening meal here......

What an amazing restaurant.  The animals all come alive about every twenty minutes and it is just like sitting in a rain forest....great fun!  Even the stools at the bar had an animal theme....

My youngest and I have decided we think we'd like to live in Florida.  
This place was definitely a big hit with the kids but you do have to book or queue.  Booking on line the night before seems to be the best way to go as we found during the holiday.

Lots of photos for you today but we've nearly visited everywhere.....not much left now. 
I can hear you all sighing with relief!

I have the boys off for a long weekend till Tuesday at end of school today but I am working Saturday.  
My youngest is shouting for a sleepover tonight as I dropped big brother off for a hike and walk today towards his Duke of Edinburgh's award.  I'm hoping it stays dry for him and that it doesn't get too cold tonight.  One thing is for sure he will be coming home very tired and sore tomorrow afternoon!
I'm just hoping he has a super time and doesn't get too wet, cold and hungry.

More from me tomorrow.  x


scrappymo! said...

Ahhhh...what fun. I have been on that was wonderful!

I went there with my DH a few years ago. I had just had my knee surgery or was just about to have it done and used a cane. It was so easy to get around! I was so impressed by those water taxi boats...really saved me!

Glad to see you had a great time!

Cass said...

Love all the photos Erika.I'd have loved the Harry Potter world from yesterday.Louis would definitely have preferred Jurassic Park.Animal Kingdom looks fab.Right up out street.Looks like you've had a fun filled holiday xx

Hazel said...

Another great lot of photos , which the girls and I have enjoyed looking at. Two very jealous girls they would love to go but it's not Daddy and Mummy idea of a holiday. Oh to win the lottery and I would take them and the four grand children, but no chance of that seeing how we don't play. Hazel xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, fabulous photos today as well, I bet you took thousands!!, so much to see though.
Thanks for sharing these ones.
Hope the weather is good for you son's trip, really quite cold here. Hugs Kate x

Lau W said...

Oh superb shots again !!!