Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Universal fun for all!

Afternoon all and this afternoon definitely seems to be better than this morning.  The dog and I got drenched first thing but the sun is out now, best get that washing sorted!
Today I am showing you the last of my holiday snaps....I think I have bored you enough now!
(If my blog ratings are anything to go with....give us more craft and less snaps!)
Must try harder!

The last place I have to show you is Universal Studios.

Lots of good rides to be had at Universal.  The minion ride was good fun from Despicable Me as was Transformers.

The Transformer costumes were awesome, although we were told they were robots!  
Revenge of the Mummy was a little scary in parts.  We survived the Twister, Disaster and the Men in Black Alien attack, with a fun ride with the Simpson's too.  We joined ET with a ride on bikes over the city and watched the continuing saga of Shrek....finishing our rides with this one.....Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.

Yes that is a vertical take off! 

It was great to see that the Blues brothers were still there performing, opposite the Irish bar in which we stopped for lunch, yum.  I'm a sole man!  Boogie time for parents....embarrassed kids!

We also enjoyed the Animal actors show, some very clever creatures involved there and finished with one of my favourites but you can't mention his name three times.......

Now I've gone and done it.  LOL.
Still got a little education to do this end as the kids haven't seen ET yet or Beetlejuice.  Classic films.  
As you can gather a great day out was had by all.  This is definitely a park for older children even though there were other rides for little ones too.  
One ride I did miss because it is no longer at the park was Jaws....sadly it no longer exists. I guess the film Jaws is a little old now?!
I think it would be the perfect films to remake with a the special effects you can achieve now.  It was scary when it was released, I can remember not wanting to watch it at the cinema, but it has not really stood the test of time.  We did however find this.....in memory of the Jaws ride.

That's all from me today, better get my crafting head back on.  More tomorrow.  x


Cass said...

Took a chance and got the washing out on the line today.I've enjoyed seeing the holiday piccies.I'm just plain nosey...lol.Louis is Transformer daft so would have LOVED that. xx

scrappymo! said...

Looks like lots of fun. Bet your boys just loved. I love the Blues so would have been boogie-ing to the Blues Brothers too!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, great pics, definately a holiday to remember, hugs Kate x

Patricia said...

Good morning Erika,
Great photos, every single one you have shown us has been fantastic. You all obviously really enjoyed your fantastic holiday, it shows.
Might be able to show the "rain" we experienced on ours if I can work out how to download from my phone to my computer.........Doh!!! I am so hopeless on the computer.
Washing all done, been out dried, ironed and some back in the case for take off in a few weeks.
Have a wonderful day

Patricia xx