Monday, May 12, 2014

Get your bunting up.....latest sewing project finished.

Morning, just and how was your weekend?
I had a super busy day at work Saturday followed by a quiet evening as I was bushed!
Yesterday I managed to get my youngest to sit and complete his monthly school project, followed by a lovely long walk on the beach and ice-creams all round.  A nice relaxing day once I'd prised the boys from all electronic gadgets!
I also managed to finish this project too after a visit to one of our local craft shops Bee Crafty for some bias binding.

I am really happy with the results as I got my four tags and this bunting from two fat quarters.  I would have had more but the beach pattern can only be cut one don't want to see upside down ships and beach huts, that would just look odd.

We also have this gadget in the hall which I think is pretty nifty living by the sea.

I bought is a couple of years ago at a Garden centre for my hubby's birthday.  The boat on it is just like his. 
I don't know how it works but you set it like a clock and then it lets you know where the tide is in it's cycle.  
The children use it for knowing when to go "dooking" and hubby to know when he can get his boat out of the harbour, both activities needing to be around high tide times.
I wasn't sure whether hubby would like it but it has been a useful addition to the home rather than running around trying to find the wee book with the tidal details in.

Talking of the beach, the dog and I have had a super walk this morning, the sun is out, the sky bright blue, the sound of the waves crashing on the sand and only us on the beach.  I love the smell at the beach at this time of year, the seaweed can give quite a strong seaside smell but at this time of year the gauze bushes are in full bloom and smell beautiful, coconut R Us.  It always makes me think of suntan cream or a glass of Malibu, both real summertime smells.  
The promise of better weather a foot!
It certain lifts the mood.

I still have my wee man at home barking like a wee seal, dosed up with calpol in the hope it lifts soon and we don't all get it too.
Better go and crack on, housework calling and washing to go out.
I am hoping for some craft time later and another lovely walk on the beach.  
Loving where I live when the sun it out.

That's all from me today, enjoy your Monday.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, lovely bunting, great job done I'd say, looks good across the mirror too. I do like your very decorative and useful wall plaque, it's lovely.
I hope your wee one feels better soon. I do so envy you living by the sea, it would be an ideal spot for me, and of course a mountain at the back for Alistair, Have a great day, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Good afternoon Erika. You have made a lovely job of your bunting, and your clock is great and so useful. Not good that wee man is still poorly. And coughs are one of those things that have to run their coarse, there is an old fashion thing that if you rub the soles of their feet with Vicks vapour rub and put socks on it helps, I know Tammy does this with her Calum and it works on him. Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Good afternoon Erika, loving your super bunting. Great clock and useful to boot!!
Mmmmmm!!! I can almost smell that gorse, I love the smell of it in full bloom.
Like Hazel I use Vick's on the boys, rubbing it on their feet and wearing socks in bed. I know it sounds daft but it does work.

Patricia x

Josie said...

Lovely bunting and a great 'clock'! Sending hugs to the poorly one x

Cass said...

Love the bunting Erika.Definitely well themed for you,as is the clock.Sounds lovely there,don't think we'll be visiting this year though.Shame as I've loved our last few holidays xx