Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All things makeover continues.

Afternoon all, no post again yesterday, a busy little bee cracking on with things here.  Catching up after half term.
Did you watch the Sewing bee last night?
Oh I love that program.  It really makes you want to dust down that sewing machine and get making, don't you think?
That is exactly what I am planning tomorrow as I am getting together with my friend Irene and our sewing machines, I wonder what we'll be making?
Watch this space....

Back to today and I thought I'd update you on the kitchen front.   Progress has been slow but that is mainly due to the fact we have just done a little bit each week or when hubby has been on days off.  Nearly at the stage of new work tops and flooring now and I've picked out a new sink and taps.
I've also seen something a little different I want to put up on my wall instead of the usual cupboards....but more of that another time, as if I do, it will take a month to arrive...plenty of time to share!
Here are the finished cupboards....

I'd be interested to hear what flooring and worktops you would go for.  I have a suspended floor so can't have tiles (so hubby says!) which limits what I can have.  I know what I'd like....lets see if you agree.

Here is my wallpaper....

It's duck egg blue although with the light today it has more of a silvery/lilac feel.  Trust me it's blue!
I think I told you the tale of this wallpaper.  
I was in our local DIY store looking when I got a phone call from my PI boss to say hi.  I was about to say I'd ring her back later as I was out and about when I heard a man's strange.  
It was none other than the lovely Ken Oliver from Spellbinders who was over in the UK to do some demonstrations and classes.  We had a lovely chat whilst I looked at this paper, very surreal, so I told him I just had to have it....fate and all that!  
So Ken if you happen to see this the wallpaper is up.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best this Wednesday, beautiful blue skies up here, it is almost Spring like, fingers crossed.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  x


Patricia said...

Your kitchen looks fantastic, love the wallpaper.
Would have to see it in the flesh to make a decision on flooring and work tops.
Missed the Sewing last night, I know what you mean about getting out the sewing machine. Might dust mine off and have a go. I want a long floaty skirt with lots of colours for my holidays. That way I match up T Shirts and cuts down on bringing so many outfits. Used to make ALL my own clothes but I have become quite lazy these past couple of years.
Crafty Hugs

Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, your kitchen cupboards look great, and the wallpaper is unusual, the finished room will look amzing when its finished I'm sure.

We dined at Urquarts, is that spelt right! I'ts on the other side of the river from the town side and above the Tarry Isle pub, well worth a visit, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Kitchen looking good Erika, very difficult to know what work top and flooring as you have to think they are going to be there for a while but your wallpaper can be changed.
Hazel xx

Diane said...

Hi Erika, your kitchen cabinets look wonderful, love the wall paper. You are certainly keeping busy.

Hugs Diane

Kat said...

Looking good Erika. Love your wallpaper!

I think my sewing machine has been sitting doing nothing for nearly a year.

Kat xx

Kat said...

Looking good Erika. Love your wallpaper!

I think my sewing machine has been sitting doing nothing for nearly a year.

Kat xx

Unknown said...

Erika, Beth has just been reading your comment on my blog and said oh that would be a great house to visit if it's got knights to play with, Beth is well into her playmobil knights and castles has 2 castles and loads of knights so she can have battles, my grandsons love coming here as their are lots of boy toys. Beth loves her ponies and dolls but knights are at the top of her list. Hazel