Friday, April 13, 2012

A few days away.

That's me back from a few days away with the family in our caravan, in the rain!  We had typical April Scottish weather, one minute bright blue skies the next the heavens opened and we are all soaked. 
Still every cloud has a silver lining....I finally got to pop to the lovely Anne's "The Sew Room" in Alford, a must for all you crafters who love material.  I have ordered my Sloan paint from her to give my kitchen a bit of a make over and eyed up some new cotton fabric to make some cushions for my front room.  Now just to find the time to get creative in the home!
We also had a day out in Aberdeen with a must visit to Build a bear for my youngest whilst the older one shot off to Game.  I was directed away from any craft shops, boo! 
My kids know me too well....don't let mum near a craft shop or we'll be in there all day!

So what will I get up to today.....washing and ironing (isn't that always the first thing to do after a few days away?) then I hope to pop around a few blogs from WOYWW and catch up.  I might even get a little crafting in later if I'm lucky.

Have a super Friday the 13th and I hope it's a lucky one for you.
May this is especially true for my Dad today as he is in hospital for another operation....thinking of you.  x

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Shazza said...

yes washing and ironing here too. Typical, I come to Hopeman for a few days, you leave lol!