Saturday, January 07, 2012

Strange but true!

Now over the years I've had some strange requests for cards.
Some make me smile,
some make me giggle
and some just make me think!
I am always up for a challenge.
Actually I think that is the best thing about creating a "bespoke" card.
The immediate thought of "how will I do that?!"
Then the satisfaction of achieving the goal.

Three of my all time favourites...
A 40th for a man who had just told everyone he was into men!  (Get my drift?!)
A dogs 1st birthday. (A good reader!)
A leaving card for a nurse working on a Gynaecologist ward...note please include a male part! 
(And I did!)

Now why am I telling you this?
Don't get me wrong I take all card requests seriously,
some are just more memorable than others for one reason or another.
For this next card I was asked for a picture of a cow....
and the wonderful
sprang to mind.
I have kept the design simple so that all the emphasis is on the cow.  :o
I do hope the recipient gets the joke!

Again not the best of photo's but you get the general idea.
I'm afraid we've had a few dreich days when I've needed to take pictures up here in sunny Scotland.

I also would have liked to put the 30 in the top patch on Custard but unfortunately it did not fit.
Such is life!
So Morag...I do hope you are not offended by your card and you do see the funny side.
May you have a great birthday and many!


~ Ali Robertson ~ said...

Pmsl omg i spat my tea out.....this is brilliant sure morag will love it too

Omg so good lol

Ali x

ForgedinPaper said...

Had a giggle. She'll love it.

Jane said...

Brilliant card Erika I am sure the recipient will love it xx

Juls said...

this is too cute and funny!!! I love the custard the cow, I am feeling the need to get it out and ink up again, thanks for your inspiration! Hugs Juls

Lau W said...

Oh so funny, and very cute card Erika !

Shazza said...

hee, hee Erika this is brilliant x