Friday, January 06, 2012

Wee cutie!

Now as well as yesterday's garland and some flowers
I also saw this wee cutie that Karen liked on Pinterest (linked yesterday).
Again this is my interpretation and is smaller to the original.
I have also hand stitched it rather than using the machine...
it was too fouterie for that.

It is actually made from black and cream felt to go with the garland yesterday,
bad photography on my part doesn't really help,
although in my defence the lighting wasn't great the day I took it.
I also used the closest item to hand to show how small it is.
To those of you without kids it is a Nerf bullet.
You are lucky if you don't have these beauties around your home.
I find them all over my house and they come second only to the backs off 3D foam!
Mind you I'd rather stand on these than wee bits of Lego any day of the week.
Did I just admit to an upside of finding these all over?!

Inspiration was from here.
I absolutely love Agah's version.
She is one talented lady, her felt items are to die for. 
Her little badge has a real Scandinavian feel to it
which has been really big over this festive season.

My iron mountain is nearly complete but don't you just hate putting it away?
It's like the food shopping...don't mind doing it but hate putting it away.
I think I might have to have a wee crafting break.  LOL.
We have a new Sugar Bowl challenge coming soon after having a break over Christmas.
Me thinks it's time to have a play instead.


Shazza said...

sooooo cute. I agree about teh standing on leog thingy...ouch!
As for the ironing, hate doing it AND putting it away in equal measures. My mountain is growing a lot, need to tackle it on Sunday

Macpurp said...

this is beautiful, I saw it first hand when I was in the shop today. Karen was wearing with pride!
love Teen x

Juls said...

so gorgeous!! your stitching is really beautiful! Hugs Juls