Sunday, January 08, 2012

And for the crafting interlude.....

Yesterday my boys wanted a "family day out!"
So it was decided we would visit Culbin Forest.
So for today's interlude on crafting....I thought I'd share a few photographs instead.

Now boys being boys the first thing in a forest to collect would be a stick or too.
The the imagination sets in...
whether you like guns or not it is a regular with sticks in any forest.
Great hiding places and big sticks at the ready let the games commence!
A sure fine way to wear out kids
as I'm sure they do twice the distance you do just walking the path.
Why do I mention this?
Well, this first photo will answer your question....

As you can see this is not really a twig!
But there were a lot of larger trees down...maybe all the recent windy weather is to blame?

The walk wasn't bad for a January morning in sunny Scotland!

We were heading for Hill 99 Culbin's highest sand dune at 99 feet.
Now this next picture doesn't really do the height justice.
It was high and it was windy up top.
I'm sure on a brighter day you'd be able to see for miles.

Needless to say my wee man wasn't keen to go all the way up.
But what really caught my eye on the way down was a little seating area, maybe for picnics?
Each of the seat had a wee rhyme about the climb!
I loved it so I thought I would share;

Bear Grylls eat your heart out!
At one with nature....
Mind you we didn't go so far to collect sticks and eat rough style, oh no.
Instead a trip to MacKenzie and Cruickshank was in order for a big bowl of their homemade soup and a large cheese scone, nomm, nomm!
Then home for a wee rest and you've guessed
a little crafting!


Wiccababe said...

sounds idyllic Erika, and those benches are fab

Kath Stewart said...

looks like a great walk and The Furry Boy would give them a run for their money in the stick collecting game...a great way to tire everyone out...hugs kath xxx

Lau W said...

I love to walk, and this place seems really nice to have good time in the nature ! Thanks for sharing withe us these shots !

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I used to do the same with my two boys. A walk was always turned into a treasure hunt, or den building - anything to get them on a walk really. It worked :) As did regular doses of fruit pastilles - lasted longer than smarties!!
Hugs, LLJ #26 xx