Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So what are you upto over the holidays?  Fancy a blog hop with lots of prizes on route?  How about this one over on http://thestampmanuk.blogspot.com/ its open till the 3rd of January...so happy hopping!
The other condition of the blog hop was to give yourself an award for your favourite work of 2009...this was my card entry to the local village gala back in May...we live by the beach and so a beach theme seemed a natural choice of card....the stash was found lurking in my craft room and the stamp was from Stamps Happen.  I was really chuffed to also gain a 2nd place in the competition...the icing on the cake so to speak!

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Kirsti said...

Lovely card again... I keep getting lost on blog hops-might give it another go though... of tenpin bowling in a minute...x