Thursday, December 08, 2016

Rustic Christmas time again.

Hello, and how are you this evening?
The trend this week seems to post later in the day.  Not enough hours at the moment.

I had some emergency shopping to do today as my youngest told me just before school that his shoes were falling apart.  Wish I'd been told that last night.
The magic hot glue gun came in useful till I could get a new pair today.  It's good to be a crafter some days!

Hubby is hobbling nicely and managed a slow wee walk with me and the dogs today, must keep mobile according to the experts.  Gone are the days when the medical profession tell you to put your feet up.  The general consensus nowadays tends to be stay mobile but take it gradually.

I demolished the ironing pile today, crampons and rope stowed away till same time next week, if I am lucky.  Even though I've been, as I would class it "a good girl" today, getting my jobs done rather than crafting I still haven't managed anything creative.  I did however oversea the production of this, another hubby project that he finished off last week.

This one is actually painted with green chalk paint and then sanded back.  There are four small shelves with indentations in for tea lights, finished with a rustic star on top.
This has gone to one of our friends as a pre-Christmas present, I do hope the family like it.  I do.

That's all from me today I am away now to find an oldie for tomorrow as it is another couple of days back to work for me.  Ho, ho, ho!


Diane said...

Love the wooden tree stand and candles Erika.

Hugs diane

cuilliesocks said...

This is so beautiful Erika, fabulous make and I'm sure the family will love it.
The time is speeding up, feels like I'm getting nothing done, not time managing now you see, well done on getting your ironing completed, Kate x

Carol said...

This looks fab Erika. What is it with daughter was the worst, she'd tell you on a wet Sunday night her shoes had holes in! Carol x