Thursday, December 01, 2016

Eat your heart out British bake off!

Good afternoon and how are you this Thursday?
It's already getting dark here after a pretty dreich and dull day.  On the up side we don't seem to be having the very low temperatures that you are getting in the south of England just now.  Most bizarre as we are normally a few degrees colder.

This morning started with my eldest flooding the bathroom and the pitter patter of water coming through the ceiling!
A good start then.
All mopped up for now and hopefully not too much damage done.  I don't know what is hiding between the upstairs bathroom and lounge ceiling, at this time of year I think it will be allowed to dry out and we shall investigate further in the New Year.  I say we, what I really mean is I shall be foreman and hubby shall be doing the grafting, as it should be.  ;)
With my eldest off his stride I had to drive them to school but this created the perfect opportunity for me to do a little Christmas shopping.  I was back home by ten with a special treat of a gingerbread latte and muffin.  Job done!
I have since been getting my cards and list sorted for Christmas, wrapping a few presents etc....followed by lunch out, nomn, nomn.

Next week we have our Christmas dinner at work and I have been asked if I can provide a pudding for the occasion.  I had asked a couple of staff what they'd prefer.  I had been thinking of doing some finger puds like banoffee pies or strawberry tarts.  The general consensus was no, please do a trifle, a Baileys trifle.
Last night I had a wee practise after work.

Now much to the joy of my husband and youngest there is no fruit in this trifle.  They're so bad!
The base is homemade chocolate brownies soaked in Baileys liqueur, topped with homemade chocolate custard and then cream.  I have to say it tastes right grand and certainly should be a less is more kind of pud.  I dread to think of the calories!
It is just not as deep as a usual trifle so I shall be changing the glass bowl for the party next week.

That's all from me today.  I'm away to try and get my eldest vaccinated against Meningitis, this will be the 6th attempt for him to get the jab.  I think someone upon high is trying to tell me something.
Every time we go to the surgery there has been another issue.  Most disturbing.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and I'll catch you again tomorrow with an oldie.  


Mrs A. said...

That looks and sounds seriously yummy. when the party!! hugs Mrs A.

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
oh my word that does look good and sounds wonderful.
I do hope your Son manages to get his vaccine this time.
Will be back later with my Oldie.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.