Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's the weekend, time for a creative smile or two.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
It's getting nearer, ho, ho, ho. 
I've never been so disorganised but hey ho, I'll keep at it, whatever "it" might be!
Another short shift in work today and after yesterday I think it might just be a busy one.  So much to do so little time, anyone else need another week or two?

As have become customary on a Saturday, I like to share a few creative quotes that have made me smile this week.  Again I am back with a crocheting theme as that is what I have been busy with in the background. 
This first one show you how to find a hooker!

I have to admit I'd like to be this skinny hooker!

This next one happens at least once every night I pick up my crocheting. 
How do they manage to disappear down the side of the chair?
I only turned around to take a sip of tea!

Maybe it's the guns that make all the difference.  Is that where I am going wrong?

Thinking ahead to can keep your expensive gifts.  It doesn't take much to keep us crafters happy.  A couple of balls of wool, stamps, ribbons, card...the list is endless. 

I hope you are taking notes Santa.  LOL.  I think my kids might be a tad disappointed though.

Do you have anything exciting planned for this weekend?  If so enjoy. 
I'm looking forwards to the final of Strictly and would really like Danny to win but only time will tell. 
I also plan to get on top of all my Christmas planning as I have a busy week at work coming up. 
Whatever your plans have a good weekend and I shall catch you again on Monday.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I love your quotes, always make me smile. Good luck with the planning, ironing and crafting today, out tomorrow visiting friends and lunch out then visiting my Mum

cuilliesocks said...

Great quotes once again Erika.
Now back from the Carolthon having done my stint, I don't think the Eastgate center was all that busy really, glad to be back home and plan to do nothing. Have a good evening, Kate x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A super set of quotes again Erika. Hope you manage to get organised for the coming week and thank you for your beautiful card which arrived today.
Lots of crafty love