Saturday, September 03, 2016

Living in a material world and I am a material girl!

Good morning, it's the weekend and time for a creative giggle or two.  I'm busy at work on an early shift again today so I have picked these to share.
As I shared a material oldie yesterday I thought I'd stick with that theme today too.

Don't you just love a little creative shopping?!

It is good to share, but not your material stash!

This second one could apply to any crafting products.  How long have you held onto something because you just can't bring yourself to break into it?
I do it all the time; paper, ribbon, buttons, material, the list just goes on.

I think the axe is a bit brutal mind you, I'm more of a rotary blade cutter myself or at a push the scissors come out.

This next one applies to my craft supplies in general.  In need of a bigger craft room or less stash!

This is definitely my craft room, my husband hates how tidy it always is.  NOT!

I hope you have enjoyed today's funny material quotes.  Have a super weekend whatever your plans.


karenlotty said...

I'm back - sort of! As I've said on my blog today, It's going back to the company that moved all my old stuff across to this laptop because half of it is missing
Love you funnies today - the last one definitely applies to me
My oldie should have gone live now, so I will link it to your post. Ladies at my little craft club have shown me examples of that technique and it is so, so effective. I have a feeling that one of them said they place something in the washing machine as well which helps it fray more

Juls said...

He he xx