Saturday, September 24, 2016

It's the weekend, time for a little creative smile or two.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
I have a busy morning in work today then in the afternoon I plan on packing my bags ready for our monthly crop tomorrow.  I think Christmas cards might be on the cards if you get my drift!  Then I might just be a little more organised this year. 
I shall have to be now that I am working more hours.  Isn't it funny how the more you do the more organised you are?  When you've got all the time in the world you get nothing done but when you are on a schedule you get loads in the day. 

It has become a bit of a habit for me to share a few funny crafty quotes that I have found this week so without further ado here goes with this weeks selection.
This is certainly my plan for tomorrow as I was a good girl on Friday and got a lot of the housework and shopping out of the way.

Having sorted most of my housework I found this and thought, I wish I'd seen this first.  I think my day might have been very different. 

I so agree with this statement but there is always that little voice in my head that says I should work before I play.

This next one is for you Kate.  I saw this last night after reading your blog post about Milo.  I thought it might make you smile.

My wee dog has been very well behaved up to now, the only damage she has done around the house is to eat a couple of fridge magnets whilst young and on her own during the day. 
Since then she has been a good wee dog.  She has plenty of her own toys to play with and constantly wants to share them with you usually about 9 o'clock at night when you are wanting to relax before bed.  If she doesn't want to play she'll come and sit on you asking for treats before giving up and falling asleep on your nap.

My final share for this week is this........

What kind of crafter are you?
I'm an Energetic Goddess!
And on that note I think it is time for me to sign off for the weekend. 
I hope you have enjoyed today's selection of quotes? 
Happy crafting to you all and more from me next week.


karenlotty said...

Love'em. They all apply to me and I'm a Kindhearted Worker - just about to post my oldie.Yours is gorgeous, I love the layout and the the colours. I love the paper piecing too.
PS after seeing your project with the "Handmade/crafted with Love metal tags I just had to get some. They arrived this week and my fingers are itching to attach them to my goodies

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika from the kindhearted collector, another buch of great funnies, love the dog one, I quite often find Milo's loung in quite a state from what he's found around the house.Holly's a well behaved little girl, have a good day at your crop tomorrow, Kate x

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
you do seem to get the most wonderful quotes every week.
Talking of dogs my Retriever once eat my son's leather boat shoes, and just left the eyelets and the soles.
Now she never ate anything or damaged anything before or after still can't understand why she did it.
I am Joyous and Leader not sure of the second, but the first just about describes me.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Barb said...

I'm a beautiful worker apparently. Acually Im really either of these sadly... I always enjoy your posts Erka. Hope you enjoyed your crop today and got lots of Christmas cards made. Barbxx