Monday, September 21, 2015

What a rucking weekend!

Morning all, how are you this Monday morning?
Did you have a good weekend?

It's another fine and sunny morning here in the North of Scotland although a little cooler than the weekend, still a bonus as we head into the autumnal months.
I had a very short shift Saturday at work followed by family viewing of this event.....

Oh my, did you see any of it?
I love rugby as do all my boys, my eldest boy is back playing it after a couple of years off and is enjoying it, my youngest comes and goes.
I have to say the best match of the weekend was the Japan against the South African Springboks.  Oh me, oh my, it was edge of the seat stuff!
Who knew Japan could play such fast and efficient rugby?
Even the dog got excited, that may have had something to do with me shouting and jumping up and down!
She ran and got her ball as my obvious excitement meant playtime.
I did think it would be a no-brainer of a competition, England and Wales played well as did Samoa, France and Italy was a little scrappy and I thought at one point there was going to be a fight.  When I mention no-brainer it is with reference to the All Blacks.  I have watched them at Murrayfield and they are SO incredibly impressive normally but yesterday it was, how can I put it, a tad disappointing.  I thought they'd come out and romp home but if nothing else the competition looks wide open now.
One thing for certain I shall be dashing home from work on Wednesday to watch Japan play Scotland.

With all the rugby going on you can imagine I didn't achieve much crafting at the weekend.
I've got a little further with my crocheting, counting crocheting is hard with the excitement of a top class match!
Other than that it was a craft free weekend.
My boys all went to Airsoft again yesterday so I took the opportunity to finally shampoo my front carpet and rug.  I've been meaning to do it for ages before the winter months kick in.
I also got my food shopping done in-between matches, beds changed and then most of my ironing done.  Why so productive?
It is so not like me.
I am working the rest of the week except Thursday when I have a well needed trip to the hairdressers and some baking to make for work. Every year at this time we support the Breast Cancer charity.
We have folk in bag packing, we have special pins and cakes on sale, and this year a couple of the lads have agreed to get their legs waxed in store too.  Ouch!  (We won't tell them how itchy it will be when it grows back, will we ladies?!)
We also have our own cakes, raffles and games going on in the background.
Lots of fun.
Back to today and as I am busy the rest of the week I am planning on getting all my card orders done and dusted today.  You never know if I achieve that I might even get some playtime!

Enjoy your Monday, more from me tomorrow.


TCake said...

had a fabulous weekend of rugby!... watched the Japan game at Twickenham before the France / Italy match the atmosphere was amazing, everyone routing for the underdog!...
Argentina played well against the All Blacks, they may have been a little underwhelming but my those All Blacks are a gorgeous looking squad!... lots of blog posts to come from my weekend of rugby!

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Hi Erika, we're not a Rugby family but I know a lot of people who were glued to the telly like you and said it was a very exciting game.
Hope you manage to get some crafty play time.

Carol said...

Quite enjoy the rugby but haven't watched any this weekend....did once see the All Blacks in action at Murrayfield many moons ago and they were very impressive. Hope you got everything done today. Enjoy your week. Carol x