Saturday, September 19, 2015

It's Saturday time to tickle that creative funny bone.

Whoops a bit of a late post from me today.  I was supposed to be off this weekend but one of my colleagues was sick yesterday so I popped in this morning for a quick shift to cover.
Now I'm back home, time for a cup of tea and a selection of crafty funnies that tickled my funny bone this week.  As last week I am in "a material world" again today.

Now my hubby wouldn't dare enter a Haberdashery with me, he knows me too well.  "Best leave her to her own devices!"

I just love this woman's response, I need to remember this quote!

This one is for my pal Tina, we always mention Tina when scissors are involved.

Finally in honor of the last series of Downton Abbey starting back up this weekend, for a final series, boo, I found this quote and it just seemed appropriate.

The very idea indeed!
Although I have to say my good scissor are always disappearing in this house as other "parties" borrow them for various jobs.  If I catch anyone they get the third degree to find out what they're going to be cutting.  Is that wrong?!

I was hoping that once I got home my kids would be dressed and we'd go out for lunch or maybe enjoy a nice walk in the sunshine.  First I have to prize them off the electronics, wish me luck.
Before I go did you watch the rugby last night?  What a match.
I'm not a fan of football but I do love a good game of rugby, here's hoping we keep up the good work.
Enjoy your weekend folks and have a good one whatever your plans.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Thanks for the funnies today Erika, love the first one too.
As for your scissors, I don't think you are being unreasonable at all, once they have been used to cut paper they are ruined for fabric so stick to your guns gal :)
Have a fab Sunday tomorrow.

karenlotty said...

I love the Downton Abbey one I am so looking forward to settling down and watching it Just a shame it's the last series. Do you think there could be any spin-offs at a later date...
I totally agree with you re scissors Nobody dare touches my fabric scissors they're still going strong and my goodness I've just had a think and they must approx 35 years old! Perhaps I should think about replacing them

Carol said...

Consider my funny bone tickled Erika...scissors are always disappearing in this house, Mr No One is always the culprit! Carol x

Anonymous said...

These are great. My mum always threatened us if we dared to go near her fabric scissors. I also once remember (when my father was going around the house snapping all the scissors after I had cut my own fringe (badly)) my mother threatening to kill my father if he touched her hairdressing scissors! Amanda x