Monday, May 27, 2013

Motorbiking craft style!

Hello you, did you have a good weekend?
We were busy on Saturday at work but then Dine in days usually are, I was a happy bunny as there was still steak left when I finished....Dine in for two, a thank you!
Yesterday I had some fun with the family and today I've been catching up with a few jobs and bits and bobs.  Nothing exciting to share, boo!

Last week I was asked for a very specific request for a card. 
You know me, always up for a challenge!

This gentleman was retiring and wanted to send a large 8" thank you card to his work colleagues to say thank you and hint at what he was going to be getting up to with all his spare time.
I was asked for a Honda 600 white sports bike from the front and the'll get the idea with the photographs.

And inside...

Now the close up....!
I was happy with the finished look as it had all been cut by hand.  What do you think?
I kept the colours simple and manly as all the detail was in the bike.  Mind you the last photo isn't the best quality...I blame the photographer!

Lets hope all his pals off shore like a woman's attempt at a Honda 600.
Might see you again tomorrow. 


Crafty Lark said...

Fantastic card, oooooo that is so clever, love it. xx Flora

cuilliesocks said...

Absolutely brilliant Erika. I wouldn't begin to know what a honda 600 looked like.
Love it, looks like a lot of work went into it.Kate x

Lau W said...

Vroom vroom ! héhé ! Fab card, very nice idea !

Juls said...

very creative!! Love it!! Hugs Juls