Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A crafty day but not productive!

Hi, today I have mostly been through to Inverness with my pal, we had a super day with lunch out too.  I've picked up more cotton thread to start trying some crochet squares...scary stuff!
My extra large dishcloth is no more.....I decided that it would end up so big I took it apart and started again on a smaller scale.  Oh it hurt!  LOL.
I've been pottering along again with that whilst sat on an evening watching BGT with the family.  Sad but true!

Today I saw this sign and so need one.....I hate been interrupted when I'm in the middle of a project and I'm sure my family would agree this is needed on my craft room door.

You won't like me when I'm crafting!  But rather than turning green I like to think maybe a teal gingham would be more appropriate, with a few pearls around the edges.  :D

This sign also made me smile.....
This is my craft space just now, it does make me just want to shut the door and walk away....one day I will be super organised and have a fab "everything in it's place" craft room.

I dream of little pixies visiting during the night only to find the following morning everything is shipshape and in it's place.  Wouldn't that be nice?
Like that is going to happen.
Anyway that's all from me today I'm away to get the tea on and catch up with a few jobs that I should have done earlier when I was out having fun. 


Shazza said...

glad you enjoyed your trip through here, look forward to seeing the squares. Love both signs, need them in this house too x

cuilliesocks said...

Great you and your pal had a lovely day, and the weather held too.
BGT is not something I watch, but switched over a few minutes early for corri and caught the two brothers singing, blew me away, what fantastic rich bass and tenor voices. I don't know their background though. anyway they were wonderful, Kate x

Kat said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day out. Love those signs. I had a day out with my friend last week and I saw a great sign at the garden centre at Inverurie. It was in the pet section and said "Talk to the paw". I wish I had got it because it really fits our Max. Blue is a nice quiet big Labrador but Max is just mischief. We say he's the devil in black fur. He just never knows what to get up to next.

Looking forward to seeing your crochet. I'm enjoying crocheting just now and keep finding things I want to knit too!

Kat xx

Juls said...

he he these are brill!!! I really should tackle my loft!! Hugs Juls