Thursday, February 14, 2013

Missing in action again, but what fun!

I'm back, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY everyone, and yes I was missing in action again for yesterdays What's on your Work desk Wednesday, but why?
Well, basically I wasn't at my desk or crafting.  I visited our local auction rooms on the hunt for a few bits of furniture, ideas I want to do at home.  It was much more productive than my visit earlier in the week to a local antique shop with much fun bidding!
I had my eyes on a couple of chairs that would need reupholstering but I wanted to check with a more knowledgeable pal first so decided to be good and refrain till I knew more information.  I did however manage to get this......

"Would Sir like something off the trolley?!" 
It is in need of a little attention, I did initially plan to paint it and give it a distressed look but I quite like to buck the trend of avoiding dark woods and I think I will sand it down and wax it. 
My Gran used to bring her trolley out every tea time around 4.30 p.m. for "Afternoon tea".  It would have a pot of tea on it, proper cups and saucers and a selection of sandwiches and cakes....there would always be Battenburg and fondant fancies amongst others homemade cakes.  So started my love of cake!
Her trolley was gold and ornate but I love natural products and this fits in lovely with my furniture.  Dark wood is going to come back into fashion you heard it here first!
I'm planning on giving Kirstie Allsopp a run for her money! 
Well I would like to anyway.
It was a complete bargain and I will show you a picture when it is finished, will it be wood or will it be white?! 
One thing is for certain my boys have embraced the idea of afternoon tea, especially on a Sunday, and it would be nice to continue a tradition that I have such fond memories of growing up...I still have weak spot for battenburg cake!
My husband also saw this, another fabulous bargain he could not resist.

It looks brand new!
Now I must admit when we planned getting the pup I did think the cage was a little harsh.  Is it because we associate it with maybe going to a zoo and seeing animals caged?
I have been brought around big time with the idea and can see the benefits more for the pup than anything else.  We have a smaller cage at present which is kept in the kitchen.  It is her escape when she had had enough of the kids and her bed at night.  The door is never locked and she knows if she goes in there she will be left in peace.  If she gets a treat...straight in there...sharing is not an option!

So that is why I wasn't at my work desk yesterday but I am hoping to get a little crafting done today.  I have a 40th birthday card to do for a friend. 
I then hope to do some new cards for my local shop, I supply with some simple greetings cards which has been very neglected of late. 
I have a big boy off school and a little one home for lunch followed by a trip to the dentist then a M & S Valentine's meal deal for tea, nomn, nomn.

Talking of Valentine's day I did very well this morning getting a selection of Gorjuss products from hubby together with brandy, chocolates and a red rose....what is he after?!  LOL.  He also replaced my kitchen sissors which he ruined a couple of years ago, bless. 
I can see the Slimming world plan going to rats today with a fab meal, wine and chocolates on the horizon. 
Maybe a long walk might be on the cards to limit the damage!

Have a super Valentine Thursday everyone, sharing the love!


Kirsti said...

I need to find my a few bits and pieces that I want to paint up and now I have more room in my new 'studio' I have no excuses(except that I can't find my sander. Lol)

I'm not sure about cages for the dogs too..we never had for our two but will see what the new pup brings:0)

Enjoy the rest of Valentines day...xxxx

Shazza said...

look forward to seeing what you do with the trolley!! Lucky you with those treats from hubby, enjoy x

cuilliesocks said...

Peased you got such bargains, looking forward to seeing what you do with your trolley.

Great Valentine prezzies, have fun with them and enjoy your dine in for two, kate x

Unknown said...

Hi Erika, I used a cage for my two when they were pups and they both were potty trained quite quickly. I never used it or punishment and they loved their little place for peace and quiet.

Excited to see what you will do with the trolley.

Wilma x x x

Kat said...

Looking forward to seeing your trolley after it's had it's makeover.

My two big furry boys still love their cage, especially Max. I often find both of them in it. Not a lot of space for two but they manage to squeeze themselves in. When we visit my daughter her older dog takes over the cage!

Have a lovely evening, enjoy your meal, wine and chocs. Hang the diet for one day!

Kat xx

marion said...

I hope you had a lovely valentine's day, sending you lots of love, hugs, Marion