Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hide and seek!

This week I was hoping to get some crafting done but I don't know where the time goes.  Hubby has been away all week so I've found myself covering his chores too.  As you do.  This included changing the element on the cooker, which I am quite chuffed about, certainly a first for me, and it works. 
I've also been the primary dog walker, which my husband usually likes to do if he is about.  Funny how the kids promise the world to get a pup and then walk her about once a week! 
I thought I'd share a photo of the pup today to show you how she is getting on.  She can now climb on all the furniture, when your not looking!  This is where I found her yesterday afternoon when she thought I wasn't watching her, don't you just love how she hides her face......I can't see you so you can't see me.....just like a toddler.

Poor Holly had a shock this morning as she got chased by a Bullmastiff, she was yelping like mad and trying to get away.  For ages I couldn't find her and was quite worried.  Luckily I had met up with a good friend to walk and she told me to go home why she continued looking.  Bless her she had made her way home and was sat at the door step.!  She had crossed 3 roads!  Yikes.  I've never seen her do that, she was off like a shot whimpering.  She always stays so close to me so I knew the other dog had freaked her out. 
I will certainly be keeping an eye out in future, poor little mite. 
She had a cuddle and treat once in the house and I had a very large cup of tea and dare I say a slice of Battenburg! 
How not to start your day!


Juls said...

changing the element on the oven!! wow that would be well beyond me! Hope you can squeeze some crafting in soon! Hugs Juls

Kath Stewart said...

She's so cute Erika and omg...what a scary your heart was going ten to the dozen...hugs kath

cuilliesocks said...

Well done on changing the element, wouldn't know where to begin. poor Holly and you too, I would have freaked too, bullmastiffs ate scarey.
Hope you are both over your fright. Battenberg helps most things, kate x

Lau W said...

Oh poor Holly ! she had to be very afraid, and you also ! Oufff ! all ended well !
She's funny on the photo lol !

Kat said...

Poor Holly, what a fright for the poor wee thing. A Bullmastiff's a very big dog especially compared to a wee toot like Holly. Not surprised you were worried about her crossing roads by herself!

Kat xx

scrappymo! said...

She is growing! Love the gorgeous auqua of the pillows on the sofa!

That must have been so scary...her little heart must have been beating a mile a minute when she say Mr Mastiff bearing down on her!

Neet said...

That must have been so worrying. Cute photo.
Hugs, Neet x