Monday, November 19, 2012

As busy as a beaver!

Hi folks well my lovely parcel from Personal Impressions has arrived so today I will be designing my class for Aberdeen on Sunday.  Stay tuned during the week as I will be posting SNEAK peaks of what we will be making with details of how to get in touch with the Papeterie should you be interested.
As for my weekend it was lovely to have my boy home, relaxed and enjoying just being here.  We had a visit from our puppy who is growing like there is no tomorrow, hard to believe she fit in my hand 4 weeks ago.  Bless. 

Her first cuddle with my boy!
I think they're going to get along just fine don't you?
The only thing I didn't enjoy was sending my son back to school on the train Sunday afternoon!  Boo!

Anyway best crack on today and get my thinking cap on. 
Have a super Monday and watch out for my sneak peaks.
Happy crafting!


PAULA said...

Hi Erika

Your puppy isn't a Jack Russell by any chance? My favourite - I have four! If you share too many cute pictures of your pup, I may have to go and get number 5! Unfortunately won't make it to the Papeterie on Sunday, will be in Glasgow at the velodrome with my son!


Jacki Daniels said...

AAAWWWW how adorable is she Ireally miss having a dog around they bring so many smiles into your life Ibet it is hard to good bye to your boy though
have fun your parcel
Jacki xx

Kath Stewart said...

Aw bless Erika...what a cutie little bundle...hugs kath xxx

Unknown said...

Aw Erika, what a cute wee bundle, love her to bits. Dogs are my favourite people Ha ha.

Wilma x x

Lau W said...

Oh so lovely shot, how cute is this puppy !!!!

Shazza said...

awww how cute, when do you get to keep puppy for good then? Enjoy playing with the new goodies x

Sarah said...

Looks like your wee girlie takes after her Daddy more than her Mummy ;) And you get another girl in your very male house... She is such a cutie!!