Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

So that's my Christmas cake made, what will it taste like?
It smells just fine but the truth will be in the tasting,
not much time left to lace in brandy
so I shall just have to have a glass whilst eating my cake and Wensleydale cheese, nomm. 
Gingerbread is also made ready for the kids to decorate,
I think they'll eat more than decorate especially the mini smarties!
Just a few more card orders and a couple more presents to make and wrap
and I think I'll be nearly there.
About time too!
Just food shopping left to do, my favourite job at this time of year, NOT!
You'd think the Supermarkets were shutting for a week and not just a couple of days
and I always forget some vital ingredients even with a list.....
is it just me?

I thought I'd show you what I put in those wee boxes in a recent post.
I'm hoping in sharing this
that the lovely ladies who run my son's beaver troupe have already opened their gifts,
so not to spoil their surprise.
I wanted just to give them a wee something handmade for Christmas and made up some handbag charms.

The names on them are their "Beaver names"
which I'm really bad at using as I know them better by their real names.

We're off to Panto later....
oh no we're not!
Oh yes we are!
We normally go in between Christmas and New Year
this will be the first time before Christmas.
Mmmm will it feel any different?


Lau W said...

Hello ! Oups, forger some vital ingredients, it's me too ! loool !
OMG your handbag charms are superb, such nice creations, love them !

Juls said...

these are so cute!! Hugs Juls