Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing day

Did you all have a super Christmas?
I did.
Just got my camera out to share a few Christmas gifts with you and guess what?
I haven't taken photos....and I was so sure I had.
I was in such a rush to wrap as soon as something was finished, LOL.
Having been topped up on turkey dinner baps I've just popped on to show you another wee felt decoration.
I should really crack on with 1/2 dozen card ordered this week
but just can't seem to get into the groove!
Come on mojo where are you?
Possibly layered in festive brandy sauce!

Anyway here's my little Rudolph's;

These wee felt kits can be purchased at
Papercrafts Boutique in Elgin and are so cute.
I really should make myself some too.
Every year I like to have one new or homemade ornament for my tree.
It is amazing how quick you soon build up a collection.

Enough waffle from me I'm off to find Jamie Oliver's recipe for turkey leftover pie, wish me look.


Catherine said...

These are so cute!!! Love them!

Juls said...

these are just way too cute!!!! Hugs Juls