Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Get the glitter out IT'S Christmas

Today I had the joy of my wee boys Nativity show in school and what a joy!
One little boy in particular had my crying with laughter...why?
Well they were singing a song about not being cross to be counted in Bethlehem,
picture the scene,
all the kids dresses in blankets lining up to be counted...
this little lad,
 half the size of all the others shouting at the top of his voice,
"I'm not CROSS!"
He looked it and he was so cute. 
Put it another way I'd hate to see him cross.
My wee one was a Roman soldier and had to march around smartly in his uniform including his Roman hat and count the people.
Gone are the days when the nativity was Mary and Joseph,  a few shepherd's, angels, 3 kings and a few well placed animals. 
The staff and kids did a great job.

I remember only one Nativity vividly from school when I was Mary,
 two things stick in my mind,
disliking the boy that was Joseph
and having to stand up and sing "Away in a Manger" on my own.
Scarred for life!
My mum also tells me I was an angel at about three and just sat picking my nose the whole time.  LOL.  She was mortified.
Needless to say this came back to haunt me
when my eldest was in his Nativity in nursery at the same age,
he too picked his nose throughout the whole performance.
I think they call it "karma!"
Come to mention it there was one of the little girls having a good route around today.
Kids don't you just love them!

Anyway back to my post and if your name is Gill and you are my buddy stop here and don't read any further as I would hate to spoil the surprise.
If you are not we will carry on.

Here is another kit that I have made with the kids,
this is a fabulous one as it works very much like paint by numbers but glitter.
It is so much faster to work with so kids don't get board easily 
plus you get the added bonus of being glittered and have a lovely seasonal glittery table too.
This is the pack we used;

And the results;

We then mat and layered them onto a 6" card.
The kids had great fun and we all sparkled after!
Three simple cards done and dusted.
Next job on the list......

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Juls said...

fabulous!! Love all the sparkliness!! Hugs Juls