Wednesday, August 10, 2011


First, I have a wee secret that only a few of my closest buddies knew about and were sworn to secrecy.
Yesterday I was AWOL....
and I have been quiet on here of late.
That usually means I'm up to something
and I was.

I went to London to visit the Q.......
no not the Queen
but I was here instead:

I was at QVC for a screen test as a guest craft designer, "oh my"!
Can you believe it?
Me neither.
I had to pinch myself.
I had a fair bit of travelling to do and a long day in store but
I had a fabulous time,
everyone at the channel were very friendly making me feel at ease and welcome.
I met the lovely Julian Ballantyne who was so kind,
we had a lovely chat and I even got a hug too!
I was asked to showcase a crafting product with samples then was filmed with Julian discussing it.
And guess what?
I passed!
So now it's a case of watching this space......
How excited am I?
Well maybe just a little.

But what you really want to know is what is on my work desk today....

The whiskey has arrived so I have a local order to complete.
Some samples for my boss at Personal Impressions from my last demo in Inverness,
I know better late than never.
I also had a lovely surprise in the post too...then new Hero Arts Christmas rubber stamps...
mmmmm....oh so many yummy one's...
"heaven I'm in heaven!"
(I have to say it's a good job you don't have sound,
me singing, ain't good!)
Why not pop over to Julia on the Stamping Ground and see what everyone else is up to?

Finally I would like to thank the staff at PI especially Jan and Jayne for all their assistance of late.
I'd like to thank Dave via the lovely Cathy, for all his help and guidance to the best travel around London.
Lastly thanks to all the staff at QVC for making me feel so at home.
Let the crafting commence...bring it on!


ForgedinPaper said...

Congratulations! It will be nice to see some Scots flying the crafty flag. Will keep an eye out.

Jane said...

WOWZA!!! Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing you on screen!!xx

Elaine said...

Congratulations Erika!!!
You will be fabulous!
I shall be eagerly awaiting an update on how things progress...YOU could be the QVC crafting queen!

Love & hugs

Elaine xxx

LorraineM said...

Congratulation Erika - I am delighted for you. Your demos are always great and you and your projects are always lovely so I am not surprised by your achievement. Wishing you well and hope to see you on tv soon x

Shazza said...

wow how fantastic Erika, congratulations on passing and I look forward to hearing more x

Kirsti said...

Well you didn't tell me that bit Erika...well done excited for you...well deserved!!! Can I have your autograph next next time I see

Kirsti xx

susan said...

Oh my goodness! Well done you sx

mixamatoasties said...

Oooh, get you! You'll be fab. You will be the crafting queen and much better than the last one they had xxxx

Gayle said...

Ooh...I knew....I must be a 'closest friend' yeah!!!
Can't be worse than Diddy I

Christel D said...

Glad it went so well Wifie.....does that mean when your "famous" you won't speak to the small common people anymore :( Only joking lol. Well chuffed for you

Christel xx

Cass said...

wooooohoooooo....congratulations Erika!! Let us know when you'll be on. You'll do a far better job than DB!

Big hugs
Cass xxx

Wiccababe said...

oh what fantastic news Erika - can't wait to see you on the telly so I can say "woohoo, I know her" lol

Jane said...

Fantastic news Erika well done, look forward to seeing you I might even start watching a bit more of QVC Craft xx

XxJULESxX said...

Congratulations to you!!!

Sharon said...

Whoop Whoop!!!
WELL DONE Erika, that is fantastic news....x