Sunday, August 07, 2011

I am still here but am working on a top secret project
that hopefully I can share with you later next week.

I am also still waiting for my whiskey!

I have been crafting like mad just lately and hope to show you what I have been up to soon.

I have also been stocking up on my shop
"less is more"
 cards whilst on a quiet spell before the mad Christmas rush. 

So how has your weekend been?
Up here in the North of Scotland the weather has been
in one word
especially today as it has poured down consistently all day.
Still with that in mind my ironing is up to date and I've had some quality craft time.
Mind you Mr X box has been working far to hard too today and I can feel a day of fresh air on the horizon tomorrow....lets hope for some sunshine.

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Elaine said...

The weather has been dire here too for all the weekend. I have also been unusually quiet ha! Just too much work that eats into my lovely playtime! I am counting down the days til my next holiday from work then I will live in my jammies for a full week and play, play, play!
Looking forward to seeing your Top Secret creations.
Hugs Elaine XX