Monday, February 01, 2010

So with the weather at the weekend "SNOW" the girls from our neck of the woods didn't make it to the crop which was very disappointing.  I'm sure Jacqui still had a lovely day although a few others didn't make it too.  Fingers crossed she does another event when the weather improves....she does organise a good do!

The good news from the weekend was that my good pal Gayle gave birth to a little girl, congratulations to you and the family can't wait to see the
Also I became an aunty again as my brothers partner had a little boy, early!  Can't wait to see him too. xxx
Babies, babies, babies....perfect excuse to make some cards!

And finally to all you crafters out there there is some Sugar candy over on the SN blog but better be quick as it finishes on the of the brand new Manga stamps and they are absolutely stunning.


Kirsti said...

Aaaw that's lovely news about the babies...not that i would EVER EVER go there again!!!!...xoxo

Sharon said...

I have an award for you over at my blog