Friday, February 12, 2010

Look at what I got in the post from the lovely Susan today.....ain't it fab?
This was a swap over on the Bubblyfunk forum in which we filled large matchboxes with embellishments of a desired colour choice....guess what colours I asked for, lol!
Thank you very much indeed Susan, looking forwards to playing with them.

I sent my box to Wendy who asked for green and brown see my earlier post.
We all seem to have had a great swap, thanks Wendy for organising it.


Kirsti said...

Oooo very nice Erika... lovely pinks and purples - cute little heart pegs... well done Susan - it's beautiful...xox

susan said...

you are welcome! Glad you liked it. Mine from Sonja was lovely too.

Sharon said...

Lovely box of goodies there Erika. I love the crochet flowers.
It has been a great swap...x