Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Before I get back into my crafting mode I wanted just to share two beautiful cards I received recently from Gayle and Marlene. Thank you very much guys for the fabulous cards and gifts, you both are very generous and I'm so glad to have recently met you, (Gush gush!! LOL)
Is that rrong?!
Gayle I hope you are feeling better.
Marlene I hope the kids get back into the school rountine without too much hassle.
Oh and I nearly forgot....I love my copic markers...don't quite have the hang of them yet (understatement) but I'm loving them in the hope that I will!!!
Guess I'm just set in my ways with my Prisma pencils!


Gayle said...

Aaarrrghhh...Don't ever put a card of mines next to one of Marlene's!

I can just about get away with being half decent, if not right next door to her!

Do I craft? Not near Marlene!


Gayle x

Erika said...

Gayle I think they're both beautiful...that's why I put them together...but have moved around slightly...I'd hate to offend!!

Of course you craft, LOL!!

Post on it's way today.

Shazza said...

stunning cards Gayle and Marlene, lucky you Erika

Wendy M said...

Beautiful xx