Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yesterday the craft desks in our room finally got to my other half and he started to shift me into my official room. I've been putting it off

a. because I'm a wimp and it seemed such a big job and

b. because how am I going to get all my lovely stash in one room!!

So the battle has commenced to get super organized. Maybe this will mean that I won't spend endless hours looking for lovely stash that I only find after subsidising with something else, why is that?!

Anyway I did manage a wee craft mid stash sort, an order for a large card for a lady who loves her jewelry and cross stitching.

I have to say getting my sewing out felt very liberating as I haven't done that hobby much since taking up cards. So I not only now want to be super organised and efficient but I also would like to fit in some sewing.

Anyone seen that pig that just flew past my office wasn't just an ordinary pig as it was wearing leathers......that reminds's "Thunder in the Glens" next week. Lot's of hairy Harley bikers clad in black leather, must go and see the bikes again. Honk if your a HOG!

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