Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We shall remember them.

Morning, another dreich dark day today so I'm afraid the photography is suffering again.
I was supposed to be at work this morning but unfortunately my youngest boy has been vomiting since 8 last night, right through the night, bless him.
We've both had very little sleep so today has been scrapped, instead it will be a snuggling on the sofa day with maybe a few video's.  The new school rules stating not to put children back for 48 hours after sickness will take him to his long weekend off, plenty of time to recover.  Mind you this will probably mean that this house will be very much like the calpol advert by tomorrow with me thinking, he's feeling better now!

A lot of my fellow bloggers have been away this weekend down to Birmingham for the craft show, I hope you've all had a super time and I can't wait to see what new stash you've got.

On a more serious note today is the 11th day of the 11th month, the day we remember those lost in wars, battles and during the course of duty in our Armed forces.
Today is the last day I shall be mentioning my poppy's having shared with you the amount raise yesterday.  All without pushing, everyone coming to me requesting one and for that I am grateful.
I didn't show you my smaller version of the most popular poppy I make, it is basically in-between the regular one and the pin.  My preference this year is the wee pin, I shall be rolling those out next year for all interested.  I also fancy having a go at a purple one which is supposed to be in support for the animals lost during conflict.

I am very lucky to have known both my grandfathers who have long since passed, one who service during the second world war in Africa and the other as a fireman in London during the blitz (who won an award for his bravery).
I have an old tea tin with my Grandfathers ration book, diary, a poppy, medals and photographs, plus other bits and bobs from his time in the army.  I find it truly fascinating and love the fact that he left it to me, with my service background also.
We can only imagine what horrors previous generations have gone through so that we can have our freedom.
I do think younger generations could learn a lot if only they were taught it warts and all, they then might realise how lucky they are, especially the idiots who egged our house recently,
I know who you are!
When you live in a small village you soon find out.
I'd also like to take the opportunity to mention colleagues and close friends my husband has lost over the years, Remembrance Sunday and today are somber days for him too.  Men and woman taken far too early in life, the Shackleton crew, the two Nimrod crews, those maimed and emotional effected for the rest of their life.
Remembering you all today and feeling grateful.  x


Hazel said...

Oh not good with your wee one being so sick, and yes the rules do say no return before 48 hrs after they were last sick yet I know there are ones that get put back before that. I do love your pin Poppy's and I think having the purple ones are good too. Yes my husband has people who no longer are with us, and some who have mental problems due to tours of duty. Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Sorry to hear about the wee lad, hope he is feeling a lot better now.
Love those Poppy's especially the smallest one.
Have your parcel ready to post, it does include some purple and pink crochet Colton. It is the very fine stuff but will make very pretty little flowers.
I should be out tomorrow, will post it off then.

Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, sorry to here your wee one isn't so good, sounds a horrible virus, I hope he gets better soon.
How lovely to have your Grandfather's medals, etc.We can never imagine the horrors of WW1, If only the Governments could learn how futile war is, no one wins except the capitalists.

Now if you make a purple poppy I will certainly have one, I feel quite strongly about all the animals lost.
Hugs Kate x