Monday, September 30, 2013

Harley biker CAS card with a twist!

Morning all, a morning post, that's a first for me in a while!
No work today, just a bespoke card then a man mountain of ironing to work through.
Did you have a good weekend then?
It was super busy at work on Saturday and I spent most of my day on the shop floor and not out the back as usual.  With a meal deal and a clothes sale it was all hands on tills, so to speak.
Then relaxing evening was spent in front of the TV, how lazy but I did manage a little crochet square.  I am having fun with the basic Granny square just now, I just can't decide what colour combo I like the best for my cushions.  I think I might have to just show you one day this week and see what you think too. 

On Sunday we went to Nairn for some fruit picking.  I was hoping to get some more raspberries to make jam as all my pots made earlier in the summer have vanished!  Unfortunately the raspberries were finished but the family did have fun and managed to pick a few last strawberries, the biggest juiciest cooking apples and a couple of punnets of very large blackberries which are lovely, sweet and juicy.  The blackberries are much better than the ones in our garden.
Now what to do with it all?!
Yesterday we had a flan with fresh fruit on the top for pudding but I think I might be on a jam making fest...later this afternoon.  I have found a very old recipe for apple and blackberry jam which I am tempted to give a go, decisions, decisions.
The place where we fruit pick also has a great little farm shop and it would have been rude not to have tried the ice-cream on such a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, don't you think?
Anyway they also have a play area with a sand pit, slide and trampolines so half an hour there with ice-creams in tow to blow away the cobwebs was just fine.  I even managed a few bounces on the trampoline too!

Back to today and this was a card my mum asked me for.  It was for a fella Harley biker, the brief was for a CAS card with a Harley theme....oh he is always recognised for wearing his black cowboy hat and boots.

Brief covered.  The hat and boots were cut on my cricut with Harley bits from EK Success.  Simples!
As Alexander the Meerkat would say.

I'm away to crack on with another bespoke card and then grab my crampons and rope to climb the ironing mountain.  Can't wait!
Have a good Monday.  Happy crafting.  x


Hazel said...

Good morning Erika, I hope your arms are not to sore from having to climb to the top of that ironing pile, I made a decision at 7.30 this morning that I am only going to iron school uniform for the girls from now on. Put a pile of ironed clothes on Beth's bed on Friday afternoon and guess where I found it this morning - yes at the bottom of her bed, that did it so no more being done. As for 7 o'clock start no it will be a 6.45pm finish if daddy gets home by then., I am at my house for the next 2hours, then it's back to do things at work, I run round like a headless chicken picking up and shouting at the girls to do the same, took them to school walked the dogs for 45mins all by 9.30 .

You have made a great card to fit the bill you were given, it's nice to make things that people do like. Hope you get some me time later.

Hazel xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, sounds as if you all had a great day at the fruit picking. Alistair has been making apple and blackberry pies as if they are going out of fashion. We have a lovely apple tree which gave a great crop this year, and he picks up the berries when he goes out cylcing.

Now to your card, love it, and just perfect for the biker, good luck with the ironing, hugs Kate x

marion said...

lovely card, hugs, Marion

Lau W said...

Oh great card, perfect for a man !
Have good time...with ironing, oops ;-))

Patricia said...

Hazel (Baskets of Joy) should have added that she also did an errand for me her big SIs, today to add to her duties.
Hope your boots are good quality the amount of Ironing Mountain climbing you do. I hope today's climb has gone OK? I am hoping to do some of that sport later this PM.

Now your wonderful card ..... Fantastic, fits the brief perfectly.
Love that you have been able to make a card to fit what the recipient likes to do.
Hope you have made decisions about the "fruit" I had great plans to make Plum Jam .... Ended up eating so many of them there was no point trying to make jam with what was left in the bowl.
Enjoy the rest of the day

Patricia xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Erika, you nailed the brief perfectly, beautiful card for a dedicated biker. Hope you reached the top of the mountain, nothing worse than leaving some for later. Fruit pies and jam, my mouth is watering at the thought, lovely.

Wilma x x x

Anonymous said...
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