Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My wee man's birthday cake "May the fort be with you!"

Hi I thought I'd share a picture of the other birthday cake I mentioned on my blog in a previous post.  I had made my boy a chocolate fudge cake on his birthday but on Saturday night he had a pool party at our local swimming baths followed by tea at Scribbles.  He is not called Ryan but the photos I took don't do the cake justice.  Click here for a better view.
When it comes to cakes I normally try and make one or end up dashing out last minute to the local supermarket.  This year I decided as I'm at Marks and Spencer's I would try one of theirs.  I was not disappointed.  It was a lovely light sponge, great butter icing and really fruity jam, decorated beautiful.  All the kids loved it, as did I!
I sometimes find other birthday cakes a little sickly, too sweet, if you know what I mean?
This was not and was a pure joy to eat....even the it!
So if you are looking for a super cake for a special know where to go. 
It can be ordered on-line and picked up at the store in Elgin for no extra charge.
I was so impressed I thought I just had to!


marion said...

Many congrats to your hubbies birthday, water fills my mouth reading how jummy your cake was, have to dash off to get some sugar now :), hugs, Marion

Lau W said...

Oh so niiice and so yummy !!

cuilliesocks said...

Looks fab and yes Mark's cakes are great, glad it was enjoyed so much, kate x

Kat said...

Looks brilliant Erika. Your son and his friends must have been well impressed with how it looked as well as how yummy it tasted.

Kat xx